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Poe introduces a price-per-message revenue model for AI bot creators

Bot creators now have a brand new method to earn a living from them Poe, Quora's own AI chatbot platform. On Monday, the corporate unveiled a revenue model that enables creators to set a per-message price for his or her bots, allowing them to earn money at any time when a user sends them a message. The addition follows the discharge of a revenue share program in October 2023 that will give bot creators a share of revenue when their users subscribe to Poe's premium product.

First launched by Quora in February 2023, Poe offers users the chance to check out quite a lot of AI chatbots, including those from ChatGPT maker OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and others. The idea is to present consumers a simple method to experiment with recent AI technologies in a single place, while also giving Quora a possible source of recent content.

The company's revenue models offer a brand new twist on the creator economy by rewarding AI enthusiasts who generate “prompt bots” in addition to developer-created server bots that integrate with Poe's AI.

Last fall, Quora announced it will launch a revenue share program with bot creators and said it will “soon” allow creators to set a per-message fee for his or her bots. Although it's been almost five months since that announcement – hardly “soon” – the latter is now going live.

Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo declared on Monday that Poe users only see message points for every bot, which incorporates the identical points they’ve as a free user or Poe subscriber. However, the creators are paid in dollars, he said.

“This pricing mechanism is significant for developers with significant model inference or API costs,” noted D'Angelo in a post on “Covering those operating costs is a very important a part of that,” he added.

The recent revenue model could spur the event of recent varieties of bots, including in areas corresponding to tutoring, knowledge, assistants, analytics, storytelling and image generation, believes D'Angelo.

The offer is currently only available to US bot creators, but shall be expanded worldwide in the long run. It follows that Creator monetization program that pays off as much as $20 per user who subscribes to Poe due to a creator's bots.

In addition to the per-message revenue model, Poe also introduced a sophisticated analytics dashboard that shows average revenue for creator bots across paywalls, subscriptions, and messages. Insights are updated each day and permit developers to higher understand how their pricing influences bot usage and revenue.


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