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Win the world's fastest DeLorean in Google's Gemini API developer competition

Google today in I/O conference it announced Gemini API Developer Competition, where developers can compete for money prizes of as much as $300,000. The best app overall wins the grand prize, which is a totally radical custom electric DeLorean from 1981.

About the DeLorean

This automobile was custom built by automobile restoration company DeLorean Midwest and specifically commissioned by Google. Originally purchased in 1981 and believed to have covered lower than 5,000 miles, the DeLorean's engine and drivetrain were swapped for the Tesla Model 3.

“This is the fastest DeLorean on the planet with 1 / 4 mile time of 12.26 seconds at 111 mph and nil to sixty in 4.10 seconds,” said Michael McElhattan of DeLorean Midwest and host of the YouTube channel DeLorean Nation.

Aside from a swap for gauges suitable for an electrical vehicle and a trunk that previously housed the gasoline engine, DeLorean Midwest has rigorously preserved the unique interior and details. The automobile has a variety of at the least 200-260 miles, just like a brand new electric vehicle.

DeLorean Midwest is now custom constructing these vehicles for patrons, but for those who don't win this developer competition, you'll have to go away your wallet with McElhattan. A newly restored, all-electric DeLorean will set you back about $220,000, which McElhattan says isn't outrageous considering low-mileage restored DeLoreans cost about $150,000 and you set a Tesla Model 3 in it.

About the competition

The competition begins today, May 14, 2024. The first submissions have to be made by August 12, 2024.

Entrants might be judged by a panel of Google experts on five dimensions, including notableness, creativity, usefulness, impact and execution. Further details on the factors might be found on the competition website, which details the official rules and restrictions.

To enter the competition, participants must create an app using the Gemini API, record a demo video in regards to the app and publish it and submit it to the competition.

Aside from the – we now have to say again – absolutely implausible electric DeLorean, money prizes start at $50,000 for the most effective in category and as much as $300,000 for probably the most impactful app.

That's just a few hundred thousand reasons for developers to get entangled. The final vote will happen from August sixteenth to September sixteenth. 4. 2024.


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