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Robotics company Figure AI closes a $675 million funding round

Robotics startup Figure AI is nearing a $675 million funding round and is eyeing a future where robots could redefine the world of labor.

The list of investors reads like a who's who of the technology and investment world, with Jeff Bezos' Explore Investments at the highest, accompanied by OpenAI, Microsoft, Nvidia, Among others, Intel's enterprise arm, LG Innotek and Samsung's investment group.

In the guts of Figure AIThe mission of is to create “Figure 01,” a humanoid robot designed to perform tasks currently considered too dangerous for humans and to deal with critical labor shortages.

Speaking concerning the company's ambitions, CEO Brett Adcock said: “Our short-term goal is to introduce humanoids into the workforce, and we imagine the structured, repetitive and sometimes dangerous tasks present in warehouses provide a really perfect start line.”

This would bridge AI and physical, android-like robots – the sort we've imagined in science fiction literature and movies for many years.

While camp represents the primary frontier for this technology, Figure AI has daring ambitions. Figure 01 has already learned find out how to make coffee, amongst other things, and is unquestionably looking good.

However, within the short term, this represents an extra threat to jobs and jobs. AI is already being predicted Replace low-paying service jobs within the near future, however the WEF believes Even advanced professions will face challenges this decade.

The creative sector is I'm already feeling the resultsNumerous game and animation studios are already affected by mass layoffs.

What is Character AI?

Figure AI goals to expand human capabilities by developing advanced, general-purpose humanoid robots.

Founded by Brett Adcock, an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of successful ventures, Figure AI says it’s committed to using AI and robotics for the greater good.

The initial aim is to supply robots which might be intended to switch people in unsafe and undesirable jobs, particularly in manufacturing and retail.

In the words of Brett Adcock: “We are on a mission to construct an organization that not only leads the sector of robotics, but additionally leaves a positive, indelible mark on humanity.” Our robots are greater than machines; They are a beacon of hope for a future where technology and humanity come together to unlock latest possibilities.”

However, that is only the start.

As Figure AI's technology evolves – which seems certain given this latest round of funding – so will its humanoid applications, until humans, robots and humans eventually work side by side to realize goals and aspirations.


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