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OpenAI unveils Sora AI Video Generator, but how you can use it?

February 16, 2024: OpenAI has unveiled its latest innovation in the sector of generative artificial intelligence: Soraan AI video generator that converts text instructions into realistic and imaginative video clips.

This is a big advancement in AI video generation and pushes the boundaries of what is feasible with machine learning and content creation technology.

Sora works by taking detailed written prompts from users and creating videos that match the descriptions.

For example, a user could trigger Minecraft gameplay and Sora would create a video that brings that scenario to life.

The technology exemplifies OpenAI's efforts to grasp and simulate the physical world in motion, with the goal of making models that help solve real-world problems that require interaction with the environment. Believe us, it's higher than VideoPoet or another AI video generator on the market.

Unlike anything before, Sora can produce videos as much as a minute long while maintaining high visual quality and closely following the user's original prompt.

This puts Sora on the forefront of AI-driven creativity, offering tools for entertainment in addition to educational, skilled and inventive projects.

Can you utilize Sora by OpenAI?

No, you can not use Sora AI as access to Sora is restricted. OpenAI kicked off the rollout by making Sora available to “red teamers” to evaluate the potential risks or harmful uses of the technology.

Additionally, a select group of visual artists, designers and filmmakers were granted access to offer feedback on how Sora can best serve the creative community.

Despite the thrill surrounding Sora, OpenAI has not yet made the tool publicly available. The organization is cautious and focuses on safety and ethical considerations. However, many X users have shared super cool examples of what type of videos Sora can create.

OpenAI's collaboration with misinformation, hate content and bias experts goals to check Sora in controversial ways and discover and address potential issues that might arise from its use.

Sora represents a big step forward in AI technology, offering latest ways to create and interact with video content. OpenAI's give attention to security and ethical use precedes the discharge, with an emphasis on responsible innovation.

Bookmark us for more announcements from OpenAI regarding the event and public availability of Sora.


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