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Gradial raises $5.4 million to integrate AI into corporations' marketing workflows

Gradiala man-made intelligence startup focused on optimizing marketing workflows, today announced that it has raised a $5.4 million seed funding round led by Madrona with participation from General Advance, Outsiders Fund and Space Capital has.

The company is constructing a platform that integrates with existing content management systems akin to Adobe and WordPress to automate routine marketing tasks. This allows creative teams to focus their time on the brand's core strategy and never worry about repetitive work like updating web sites or migrating content across channels.

“We have seen a turning point on this planet when it comes to how the long run of labor will evolve,” Tallmadge said. “And we desired to take these language models beyond just answering questions or chatting and really use them as an engine to finish and execute work.”

Co-founders bring SpaceX and Microsoft experience

Gradial was founded by Doug Tallmadge, Anish Chadalavada and Deip Kumar, who bring technical experience from SpaceX, Microsoft and other leading technology corporations.

“The hardest a part of solving an issue needs to be fascinated with what you would like, not attempting to configure it in your software tools. Our mission is to enable marketing on the speed of thought,” said co-founder and CEO Doug Tallmadge.

Her time at SpaceX and Microsoft shaped Gradial's customer-centric approach. “The real driving aspects, the deal with the client, that's something that I believe Microsoft has done a extremely exceptional job on. And it's something that we've delivered to the best way we work and likewise to Gradial, allowing the client to have a say in what direction we go,” said co-founder and COO Anish Chadalavada.

Workflow automation is the important thing to unlocking creativity

Gradial is currently working with select Fortune 500 customers and plans to make use of the funding to expand its engineering team.

The company desires to unlock resources for creative teams by algorithmically handling tedious workflow steps. Marketing departments can then reallocate time and staff to an overarching brand strategy.

“By streamlining this process, we may also help them unlock more time and resources for the things they like to do, like creative strategies, more collaboration, more customer-focused campaign creation, which has been really, really great,” Chadalavada said.

As AI capabilities proceed to advance, the founders envision marketing teams with the ability to seamlessly implement and construct on ideas in real time.

“It's going to be an exciting time, and I believe that's going to essentially speed up over the subsequent 10 years, to the purpose where you possibly can really only do that on the speed of thought,” Tallmadge said.

Gradial offers a glimpse into the long run where brands will excel through immediately personalized and authentic customer experiences, largely powered by AI on the backend.


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