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The creator introduces Palmyra-Vision, a multimodal AI for redesigning company processes

authora number one enterprise AI startup, today announced the launch of a brand new multimodal AI model that may analyze and integrate visual data with text.

The model, called Palmyra visionis designed to assist corporations streamline complex workflows that involve images, charts, graphs and other visual inputs, in addition to natural language understanding.

May Habib, CEO and co-founder of Writer, said in an interview with VentureBeat that Palmyra-Vision is the results of a vision to rethink entire workflows with multimodal AI capabilities.

“We recognized that corporations in lots of industries have a possibility to take a macro perspective and rethink entire workflows with multimodal AI capabilities,” said Habib. “Our goal with Palmyra-Vision was to develop a flexible model optimized for real enterprise use cases.”

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A breakthrough in multimodal AI

According to Habib, the model can extract insights from images, classify objects, interpret charts and graphs, answer specific questions and create text descriptions. On several Benchmark testsPalmyra-Vision achieved state-of-the-art accuracy, surpassing other highly acclaimed multimodal models equivalent to OpenAI's GPT-4V and Google's Gemini 1.0 Ultra.

Unlike other models, Writer has focused on adapting Palmyra-Vision's capabilities for practical business applications in industries equivalent to retail, marketing, healthcare, finance, and more.

“If it’s good to interpret a chart at work or write ad copy for a picture, the buyer models just don’t cut it,” Habib told VentureBeat. “We built Palmyra Vision from the bottom up to fulfill the needs of companies.”

Quickly integrate with Writer's full-stack platform

What sets Palmyra-Vision apart is its easy integration with Writer's full-stack AI platform, which incorporates large language models Graph-based knowledge retrieval systemAnd robust data guardrails.

“The company is getting model fatigue,” Habib said. “People want AI solutions, no more models.”

“Palmyra-Vision is integrated into our platform so anyone can construct custom multimodal apps without technical resources,” she added.

This means Writer customers can quickly create tailored AI solutions that mix structured data, unstructured text and visual inputs. For example, a healthcare company might analyze handwritten notes from a physician together with medical images and patient records to achieve insights.

According to Habib, Writer's guardrails and accuracy focus also give corporations more control and security with AI. The company conducts extensive bias testing and allows customers granular control over content policies.

“We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to guardrails,” Habib told VentureBeat. “Our customers need flexibility because they take care of sensitive data.”

Investor enthusiasm about Enterprise AI

In the three years since its founding, Writer has raised greater than $120 million from leading investors including WndrCo, Balderton Capital and Insight Partners. The company appears poised to compete with AI giants like OpenAI and Anthropic as corporations quickly adopt next-generation AI this yr.

“We are seeing incredible enthusiasm from investors for enterprise AI at once,” noted Habib. “Companies need tailored solutions that provide added value, no more generic models.”

With the launch of Palmyra-Vision, Writer goals to cleared the path in introducing AI into corporations. Its versatile multimodal model, easy integration, and concentrate on accuracy could give it an edge amongst data-driven corporations trying to redesign their workflows.


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