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How to Convert Audio to Text

In today’s digital age, audio files have grow to be a preferred approach to storing and sharing information. From online classes and business meetings to podcasts and interviews, audio recordings play a vital role in various fields. However, accessing and editing information from audio files might be time-consuming and difficult. That’s where audio-to-text converters come in useful. These tools permit you to convert audio files into text format, making it easier to transcribe, edit, and share the content. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to explore the highest methods and tools to convert audio to text free of charge.

Why Convert Audio to Text?

Converting audio to text offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows for quick access to information. Text-based content might be quickly searched, skimmed, and referenced, making it more convenient for users. Additionally, text files might be edited and modified as needed, allowing for straightforward updates and enhancements. Furthermore, converting audio to text enables easy sharing and collaboration, as text files might be easily shared via email, messaging apps, or cloud storage platforms.

Free Online Audio to Text Converters

There are quite a few free online tools and applications available that may convert audio files to text. These tools utilize advanced speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to transcribe audio recordings accurately. Let’s explore among the hottest free audio to text converters:

1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora’s Speech To Text (STT) function is a robust tool that lets you transcribe audio and convert it into subtitles or text in only one click. This feature not only saves you time but additionally enhances your editing efficiency. Filmora offers high accuracy in generating text and supports as much as 26 languages, making it a flexible option for users.

Wondershare Filmora


Built-in function to transcribe subtitles and captions for videos

High accuracy in generating text with the flexibility to edit it

Supports as much as 26 languages for transcription

Offers various video and audio editing tools

2. Audext

Audext is a free online application that utilizes advanced AI technology to transcribe audio files with remarkable accuracy. This tool is widely used across various sectors, including education, marketing, media, consulting, and healthcare. Audext offers an inbuilt editor for straightforward editing while transcribing and supports a wide range of audio and video formats.



Inbuilt editor for editing text while transcribing

Easy identification of speakers

Supports a wide selection of audio and video formats

Offers seamless upload and export of files

3. Sonix.ai

Sonix.ai is a quick and accurate application that lets you convert audio to text for any purpose. This tool offers automatic transcription of files, accessibility from any device, advanced translation into multiple languages, and the flexibility so as to add subtitles to videos. Sonix.ai also provides a media player for straightforward sharing and publishing of files.



Automatic transcription of audio files

Accessibility of files from any device

Advanced translation into 30 different languages

Addition of subtitles to videos for straightforward understanding

4. Virtualspeech.com

Virtualspeech.com is an easy and efficient online tool that permits fast conversion of audio files to text. This tool is right for quick transcriptions, and the converted text might be emailed to the user for straightforward download and saving. Virtualspeech.com ensures security by not storing any files on its servers and provides a speech-to-text converter inside the positioning.



Free conversion of audio files under 1 minute

Supports audio files in formats equivalent to MP3, WAV, or Ogg

Ensures security with no file storage on servers

Convenient speech-to-text converter inside the positioning

5. Speechnotes

Speechnotes is a robust online notepad that provides seamless audio-to-text conversion. This tool utilizes advanced speech recognition technology to offer accurate transcriptions. With built-in editing tools and compatibility with any web browser, Speechnotes ensures fast and efficient transcription of audio files. Additionally, it offers an autosave feature and the choice to export transcriptions to Google Drive for straightforward accessibility.



Advanced speech recognition technology for accurate transcriptions

Built-in editing tools for straightforward correction of text

Fast working on any web browser with no installation required

Autosave feature to stop data loss

Export to Google Drive for quick access from any device

6. SpeechTexter

SpeechTexter is a multilingual application that lets you transcribe various varieties of content, including books, documents, and blog posts, using your voice. This tool offers an accuracy rate of 90 to 95% and supports over 60 languages. With SpeechTexter, you may improve your fluency in English and simply create emails, text notes, and blog posts.



High accuracy rate of 90 to 95% in transcription

Improves fluency in English

Easy creation of emails, text notes, and blog posts

Customizable dictionary for regularly used data

Supports over 60 languages and available on each Chrome browser and Android

7. Textfromtospeech.com

Textfromtospeech.com is a free online tool that lets you convert audio to text without the necessity for registration, downloading, or installation. With its easy interface, you may record and convert speech into text with only a single click. This tool supports multiple languages and offers features equivalent to pause and record options, voice commands for symbol insertion, and straightforward saving, copying, and sharing of dictated text.


Free and online text recognition and transcription

Supports multiple languages

Pause and record options for big files

Voice commands for symbol insertion

Easy saving, copying, and sharing of dictated text

Available on mobile devices, tablets, and computers

8. Dictation.io

Dictation.io is a free and user-friendly tool that gives fast and accurate audio-to-text conversion. With its easy notepad-like interface, Dictation.io lets you convert audio to text in multiple languages, including English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, and more. This tool offers advanced speech recognition, easy editing throughout the notes, and convenient sharing options.


Advanced speech recognition for accurate transcription

Easy editing throughout the notes

Convenient sharing options to mail, tweets, etc.

No data storage for enhanced security

9. Voice Note

Voice Note is a web-based speech recognition tool that mechanically records and kinds anything, including speeches and interviews. This tool can convert audio files into text format, which might be easily opened in Microsoft Word. With customizable options for audio and text, Voice Note provides a seamless transcription experience.


No data storage for enhanced security

Customizable options for audio and text

Available in multiple languages

Easy copying and exporting options

Direct printing option from the positioning

10. Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook is a flexible speech recognition app that also offers audio-to-text conversion. This application is compatible with various devices, including Mac, Windows, Linux OS, Android, and iOS. With features like voice commands, recognition of speech embedded in YouTube clips or HTML5 audio or video, and straightforward text editing, Voice Notebook provides a user-friendly experience.


Voice commands for audio-to-text conversion

Recognition of speech embedded in YouTube clips or HTML5 audio or video

Simple interface with easy text editing

Option to download text as TXT format

11. NaturalReaders

NaturalReaders is knowledgeable program that converts text into spoken words. Although it doesn’t directly convert audio to text, it may well be used as a complementary tool for proofreading or listening to the converted text. NaturalReaders offers various features, including adjustable audio speed, conversion into MP3 format, and a number of voices.


Font option available for dyslexic individuals

Supports multiple file formats

App versions available for Android and Apple devices


In conclusion, converting audio to text is a helpful process that provides quick access, editing, and sharing of data. With the provision of free online tools, the duty of converting audio to text has grow to be more accessible and efficient. From Wondershare Filmora and Audext to Sonix.ai and Virtualspeech.com, there are many options to pick from depending in your specific needs. Whether you’re a student, skilled, or content creator, these audio-to-text converters can prevent effort and time. Explore the features and advantages of every tool mentioned on this guide and find the one which most closely fits your requirements. Start converting audio to text free of charge and unlock the potential of your audio recordings!

Can I download a .TXT file after converting audio to text?

Yes, most audio-to-text converters, including those mentioned on this guide, permit you to save your transcriptions as text files with an easy click of a button.

Can I download a .TXT file after converting audio to text?

Yes, all of the tools mentioned on this guide offer free options to convert audio to text. However, a few of them could have additional paid features or limitations on free usage.

What languages are supported for converting audio to text?

The audio-to-text converters mentioned on this guide support various languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Hindi, and plenty of more. The specific language options may vary depending on the tool you select.

Remember to decide on the tool that most closely fits your needs and begin converting your audio files to text for a more efficient and accessible workflow.


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