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Tim Cook says Apple will “break recent ground” with GenAI this 12 months

Apple CEO Tim Cook guarantees that Apple will “break recent ground” with GenAI this 12 months.

Cook made the statement today throughout the company's annual shareholder meeting, held the identical week the corporate reportedly scrapped its decade-long, multibillion-dollar plan to construct an electrical vehicle. Some of the EV Project staff have been reassigned to work on various GenAI initiatives. after To several Publications.

Unlike lots of its Big Tech competitors, Apple has been slow to take a position in and grow GenAI.

During the corporate's first-quarter earnings call, Cook said Apple was working with GenAI internally but was taking a slower, more deliberate approach to customer-facing incarnations of the technology. In fact, Apple has only briefly mentioned GenAI in its recent press conferences and announcements, comparable to when it introduced recent autocorrect and text prediction features in iOS last fall.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has reported that Apple plans to update Siri and iOS's built-in search tool, Spotlight, with GenAI models, with the goal of enabling each to reply more complex queries and have sophisticated, multi-round conversations. Apple can also be said to be exploring AI-powered features that allow users to routinely create presentation slides in Keynote and playlists in Apple Music, in addition to GenAI-powered coding suggestions in Xcode, the corporate's app development platform.

Some of those – or none – might be included in the subsequent versions of iOS, macOS and iPadOS, that are expected to be demonstrated at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference this summer.

The company's engineers could also be co-authoring an increasing variety of scientific and technical papers on GenAI in an indication of Apple's increased GenAI focus. One describes a system that may generate animated 3D avatars from short videos. more details Keyframera tool for animating still images.

It is noticeable that Apple has also released a lot of open source models and tools for the event of GenAI-based software in recent months.

Ferret, released in October, is a chatbot that builds on an existing open source model, Vicuna, while MGIE, released earlier this 12 months, is a model that may change images based on natural language commands .

Bloomberg reported in October that Apple was investing $1 billion a 12 months to meet up with GenAI, including moves like a proprietary large language model called Ajax and an internal chatbot called Apple GPT — and possibly even recent hardware. The upcoming iPhone 16 models are rumored to come back with a “significantly” improved Neural Engine, Apple's brand of custom on-device chips to speed up AI processing.


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