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Hugging Face is launching an open source robotics project led by a former Tesla scientist

Hugging faceThe New York startup that maintains the favored open source machine learning and AI code repository of the identical name and open source ChatGPT rival Hugging Chat is reportedly launching a brand new robotics project led by the previous Tesla worker Remi Cadene A Post by Cadene on X this morning.

Fittingly, Cadene said the Hugging Face robot project is “open source, not like Open AI,” which is in line with Hugging Face's stated ethos and likewise a playful nod to OpenAI's recent response to a lawsuit from its co-founder and rival Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Cadene's boss until recently).

Now hiring robotics engineers

He also said he was searching for “engineers” in Paris, France and posted a link to a job commercial for an “Embodied Robotics Engineer”, which provides further information and reads partially:

The listing also encourages employees to “design, construct, and maintain free, open-source robotic systems that integrate deep learning and embodied AI technologies” and “low-cost robots with off-the-shelf electronic components and controls, in addition to 3D printed parts construct”.

Ambitious expansion

The move signals a serious departure and bold expansion for Hugging Face, which has previously focused totally on software fairly than hardware.

This comes as investment and interest in the sphere of humanoid robotics and general robotics increases Tesla is pursuing his own humanoid robot Optimus (which Cadene said it worked on as a part of its Autopilot group, repurposing among the work it had done to make its cars move autonomously) and a rival called Figure, which recently raised a staggering $675 million from OpenAI and picked up others to pursue his own rival robot.

Research into robots has also accelerated significantly in recent months, because the generative AI boom sees engineers searching for latest tricks from large language models (LLMs) and machine learning (ML) programs to make robots faster, cheaper and more accurate train. There is a general and growing interest in “embodied” AI within the technology industry, moving it from screens and devices into machines able to autonomously navigating the world and assisting humans in non-software-related, physically demanding or tedious tasks, including house responsibilities, to support. exertions, manufacturing and more.

According to details, Cadene worked at Tesla for nearly three years, from April 2021 to March 2024 his LinkedIn profile.

We've contacted Hugging Face to substantiate the news and asked for more information in regards to the project. We'll update as soon as we hear anything.


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