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Zapier Central debuts as a no-code tool for constructing AI bots for businesses

When it involves business automation, Zapier is undoubtedly one of the well-known names greater than 2.2 million lifetime customersin response to its website, because of its ability to establish workflows for greater than 6,000 third-party workplace applications.

Now the corporate desires to make it even easier for these (and latest) customers to establish automated services. Launching Zapier Centralan “AI Workspace” that enables customers to create AI agents that use the many connected apps and services, using only natural language – no coding required.

Build a bot

These AI “bots,” as Zapier calls them, are customized based on users’ data and preferences. Similar to OpenAI's custom GPT Builder and Hugging Face's previously featured Hugging Chat Assistants, a Zapier Central user can simply describe in text form what they need their AI bot to do and it’s going to attempt to do it for them.

Unlike the opposite direct-to-consumer tools mentioned above, Zapier Central includes more fields where users can specify a “trigger” that may trigger the bot’s behavior, a “trigger phrase” that may provide it when entered by the user can, and the “actions”. ” the bot can run, in addition to what additional apps and services. It has access to.

Some users are already trying it out and posting their results, as seen in the next post on X of Tech investor and creator Ben Tossell.

Mike Knoop, co-founder of Zapier and until recently head of AI, called the launch of Zapier Central a “latest era of AI automation” in a post on X.

Also a surprising takeover

The company also announced today that it has acquired the team behind Vowel, a defunct video conferencing app, and named its former CEO Andrew Berman as the brand new Director of AI at Zapier.

Sheryl Soo, SVP of New Products and Head of Strategy at Zapier, emphasized the importance of this move, stating, “The acquisition of Vowel expands our AI capabilities and advances our mission to democratize AI and automation for enterprises.”


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