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Invoke introduces Workflows, AI tools for game developers

Call today announced the launch of Invoke Workflows, a collection of tools for game developers to introduce tailored AI on the enterprise level. As Invoke describes it, Workflows as an answer is meant to pave the method to AI adoption for team members who’re unfamiliar with its use, allowing them to attain the identical results with fewer steps and fewer complex tools. Workflows are being introduced today.

Invoke Enterprise has developed workflows for giant game studios (in addition to the entertainment industry) which have large teams that include less technical users. Workflows features include control over training resources and branded style, ease of deployment for “non-technical” team members, and security of generated images. Additionally, in accordance with Invoke, it’s designed more for game developers than casual users.

Invoke CEO Kent Keirsey told GamesBeat in an interview that Workflows' tools are designed to work with an artist's style. “We've done rather a lot to assist game studios understand what's possible. The biggest and most impactful a part of the open ecosystem of models is the conclusion that we will apply it to our art style and own it as mental property.”

According to Keirsey, the Workflows interface will be as complex or so simple as needed for every team member. During an illustration, Keirsey showed off among the more complex AI image generation tools in Invoke, but additionally a straightforward image generation interface. Developers may also use generated images of their existing creative pipelines.

Keirsey told GamesBeat that Invoke's bespoke solution offers artists and creatives something tailored to their talents. “A creative isn’t used to combating a prompt. That's not what they do – they create. We have solutions for exactly that. We can take any form of input a user has, like a sketch or a rendering, and control the generation with those inputs. We offer a really high level of controllability, each from customizing it to your style and controlling it with things like sketches or renderings.”

Stew Chisam, president of Hi-Rez Studios, said in an announcement: “We appreciate Invoke's work in developing an artist-centric tool and their deal with working with us to remodel integrating these tools into our team's existing processes “With the flexibility to securely train models on our assets and provides artists direct control over the generation process, we will ensure our work is targeted on the artist’s process and our overall creative direction.”


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