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The AI ​​Impact Tour arrives in Boston on March 27: A concentrate on data integrity in generative AI

On March 27, we are going to host the following edition of our AI Impact Tour in Boston, specializing in the sensible application of generative AI in enterprise environments, with a specific emphasis on the critical role of information integrity.

Caroline Arnold, CIO of State Street, and David Clifford, head of information science and machine learning at Biogen, will share their approaches to generative AI and the importance of information. Personally, I look ahead to moderating these conversations and sparking a broader discussion with participants about how they approach the problem of information integrity amid the revolution unfolding around generative AI.

Boston-based State Street is one among the biggest banks within the country, with $3.7 trillion in assets under management. It can be one among the biggest custodian banks and is taken into account one among the “big three” index fund managers. The company employs 400 AI engineers working on a variety of AI applications, from creating smarter portfolios to improving data quality to providing clients with conversational access to knowledge, documentation, trading status, portfolio data and news.

Leading biotech company Biogen, however, has a protracted history of incorporating cutting-edge technologies into the scientific discovery process, including machine learning and generative AI. Both organizations illustrate the broader industry challenge in applying AI in specific areas. While general large language models like ChatGPT's GPT-4 can perform well in broad contexts equivalent to conversational content or text generation, they will not be as well-suited on their very own to perform well in specific areas equivalent to finance or biotechnology. You need advanced techniques like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), appropriate training, and other steps to make sure data integrity.

This exclusive salon event is restricted to 50 participants and is aimed toward technical decision makers in firms. Apply here to participate within the eventHere, you'll delve into the fascinating world of generative AI, learn from others' experiences implementing AI, and share construct applications with underlying data that’s transparent, accountable, and fair. Enjoy networking opportunities, food and cocktails

State Street's Arnold and Biogen's Clifford will discuss the importance of constructing reliable foundational models of their respective banking areas and improving drug discovery processes, helping participants learn what it takes to translate generative AI to their very own practice areas.

The potential of generative AI is gigantic, but it surely faces significant challenges across industries. A serious hurdle is ensuring that a big language model (LLM) is fed accurate, representative, and complete data. This data integrity challenge not only affects the financial and biotechnology industries, but additionally extends to varied sectors, including healthcare, automotive and retail.

Arnold and Clifford will explore several key topics related to data integrity when constructing generative AI applications:

  • Data Integrity Basics: The must accurately track and store data. In finance, this helps with accurate financial reporting and evaluation, compliance with regulatory standards, and maintaining trust with customers. In biotech, this supports the whole data lifecycle from clinical trials to regulatory submissions. In other industries, these basic requirements are different, but still present.
  • Representativeness of the info: The limitations of popular base models equivalent to GPT-4, which might not be suitable for specialised industries as a result of the chance of incorporating inaccurate information.
  • Completeness of the info: The struggle for individual firms to gather sufficient data on their very own, highlighting the necessity to collaborate with industry to acquire a comprehensive data set.

Additionally, Kathleen Mitford, corporate vp of Azure at Microsoft, will provide insights into the varied uses of generative AI across multiple industries, partially as a result of Microsoft's collaboration with OpenAI. I would love to thank Microsoft for sponsoring and making this event possible.

In summary, the Boston AI Impact Tour is an awesome opportunity for enterprise technical decision makers to learn more about managing the complexities of information integrity within the age of AI. Since places are limited, we encourage interested participants to accomplish that Apply now.

I look ahead to seeing everyone there!


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