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Which AI-leading countries are most keen on creating deep fakes?

While the proliferation of AI tools and technologies has already brought quite a few advantages to individuals and businesses alike, it is usually true that the increased accessibility of AI tools has had harmful consequences for the spread of misinformation on the earth.

The use of deep fakes to misrepresent influential figures is a growing problem worldwide – with misinformation and disinformation the most important threat facing the world over the subsequent two years, based on the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report (2024).

AI misinformation is a worldwide problem – but which countries are fighting these problems probably the most? In this study, our team of DailyAI took the leading countries in artificial intelligence (determined by research capability) and analyzed the common frequency and depth of interest in deep fake-related tools.

Key findings:

  • Singapore, Australia, Finland and the Netherlands occupy the highest spots of nations most keen on creating deep fakes
  • Although China is the second largest country for artificial intelligence, based on our results, it’s the country with the least interest in artificial intelligence overall

Sam Jeans, AI expert at DailyAI, comments:

“The steep rise in deep fakes and manipulated online content is understandably of great concern to governments world wide as we globally try to seek out the proper boundaries between harnessing latest and emerging technologies and combating things which might be unprecedented consequences.” Damage.

These results show that interest in deep fake manipulation is actually greater in some countries than others. However, because this content is accessible on a worldwide scale, a concerted effort is required to make sure that the harm attributable to deep fake content is minimized.”

Australia is most keen on deep fake manufacturers

When evaluating the highest 10 artificial intelligence countries for his or her interest in deep fake makers and related searches, we found that Australia is probably the most interested, with an occurrence rate of 0.41 per 100,000 people.

Australia can also be among the many top three countries with probably the most searches for “Deep Fake Porn Maker” and fourth after “Deep Fake Image Maker.” Australia is currently ranked because the sixth largest country for artificial intelligence skills and research.

At the tip of 2023, Australia announced this Putting pressure on social media platforms to crack down on deep fake images and videos after growing concerns in regards to the level of offensive content and hate speech online.

Singapore is most intrigued by the chances of deep fake porn

Our evaluation also showed that Singapore ranked highest overall in searches for deep fake porn producers, with an occurrence rate of 0.50 per 100,000 people. Additionally, the country has the second largest interest in deep fake video makers and the second largest interest in “deep fake nude makers.” For searches for this term, the frequency rate is 0.17 per 100,000 people – the identical as within the Netherlands and the USA.

This result’s somewhat surprising considering that Singapore's interest in deep fake makers is mostly far lower – with the country rating in the course of the rankings for this search term.

However, Singapore can also be the country with the second most fascination with the search term “deep fake image maker”, with an occurrence rate of 0.17 per 100,000 people. The country ranks second after Finland for this search term.

Singapore is taken into account the third largest country for artificial intelligence research and capabilities. One of probably the most notable incidents of deep fakes in Singapore was a Investment scam video which circulated on social media in 2023 and used Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong and a fake voice-over to advertise the fraudulent investment opportunity.

The Netherlands has almost twice as many searches for deep fake video makers as every other country

Even though the Netherlands doesn't perform particularly well in other deepfake-related searches, the country undeniably has an interest in creating deepfake video content specifically.

The frequency of searches for makers of deep fake videos was 0.96 per 100,000 inhabitants – almost twice as high because the second-place country – Singapore with 0.50 searches per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Netherlands is one other country where Deep fakes of politicians were used to mislead public opinion. During the November 2023 elections, an alarming variety of deep fake manipulations were reported on social media by quite a few outstanding politicians.

Finland has probably the most interest in deep fake images and nude photos

Finally, Finland is certainly one of the countries with the very best interest in deep fakes and records the very best frequency of searches for deep fake actors and image makers (0.18 per 100,000 people for the respective search term).

Finland is currently the ninth largest country for artificial intelligence research and capabilities. The country is commonly praised for its mission Education within the foreground the fight against misinformation and pretend news – but as shown here, that doesn't at all times stop people from being keen on what these latest types of AI can do.

The USA shows a remarkable lack of interest in deep fakes

The United States is currently considered the leading country in artificial intelligence research and capabilities. So you may imagine that the country can also be on the forefront of interest in deep fake manufacturers.

However, our rating shows that the country is decidedly bored with creating deep fakes in comparison with other countries on this list. When looking for “Deep Fake Nude Makers,” the US ranks second together with the Netherlands and Singapore, but ranks in the center for other related terms.

Still, many high-profile U.S. celebrities have been the goal of deep fake videos and pictures posted online — and the U.S. is already within the means of doing so Drafting latest laws to guard individuals from the harm that deep fake content could cause.

Overall, China is the least keen on deep fake manufacturers

Although China is taken into account the second-largest artificial intelligence country after the United States, based on our research, it’s the country with the least interest in deep fake manufacturers across all searches.

When it involves searches for deep fake makers, including pornographic searches, China ranks at the underside of the rankings, suggesting that the capabilities of deep fakes may not yet have entered the country's mainstream.

However, it is usually necessary to notice that search data for China-specific queries is probably not 100% accurate. AI is actually not latest in China – from Deep fakes from live streamers Running 24/7 and making headlines in 2023 will increase Financial fraud using deep fake technology. Perhaps a more likely assumption is that we cannot access completely accurate search data from China for artificial intelligence-related searches.

How to acknowledge a deep fake

To understand the authenticity of digital content and detect deep fakes, it's necessary to know what telltale signs to look out for. The following indicators can assist you to distinguish between real content and complicated fakes:

1. Inconsistencies in lighting and shadows

Deepfakes often struggle to accurately recreate the nuances of natural light and shadows. Look for irregularities in the way in which light interacts with the topic, akin to: E.g. mismatched shadows or inconsistent lighting in numerous parts of the scene.

2. Facial feature abnormalities

In the video, pay close attention to the facial expressions and facial expression within the image. Deepfakes often have anomalies akin to unnatural blinking, strange lip movements, or facial expressions that don’t match the emotional tone of the voice or the situation. As technology advances, these anomalies turn out to be increasingly minor.

3. Audiovisual discrepancies

In deep fakes, the synchronization between audio and visual elements will be incorrect. Check whether the person's lip movements perfectly match the words spoken. Any delay or discrepancy between picture and sound could possibly be a warning sign that it’s a deep fake.

4. Skin texture and complexion

With deepfakes, it will possibly sometimes be difficult to realistically recreate the feel of human skin. Look for signs of abnormal skin texture or changing skin tones that don’t appear natural or consistent throughout the video.

5. Background inconsistencies

Analyze the background for signs of distortion or fluctuations. Deepfake technology may concentrate on the topic and miss the background, causing anomalies within the environment.

6. Quality and backbone

Be wary of videos which might be presented as official but are intentionally presented in low resolution or quality. Sometimes deep fake creators use lower quality to cover imperfections and anomalies that might be more noticeable in high resolution.


To get these insights, our DailyAI team sourced Top 10 countries are considered leaders in AI in 2023. We then determined the common monthly search volume for a spread of terms related to deep fake manufacturers and determined the common variety of searches per 100,000 people to offset any bias from countries with a bigger population.


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