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Unleash the Power of Generative AI: Secure the Future of Your Business on the Atlanta AI Impact Tour (April 10)

We are excited to bring our AI Impact event, focused on implementing AI within the enterprise, to Atlanta on April tenth.

The event brings together leaders in generative AI and enterprise security and features case studies from industry giants similar to Honeywell And Ally Financialand shows how each leverage generative AI applications, but in addition use AI to revolutionize security operations.

This exclusive salon event is proscribed to 50 participants and is aimed toward technical decision makers in corporations. Dive into the fascinating world of generative AI and security and learn from the experiences of others within the emerging field of generative AI. Enjoy networking opportunities, food and cocktails.

I’ll personally fly in from San Francisco to steer a few of the discussions and look ahead to meeting with security and AI leaders from the Atlanta area. We've had some great discussions and insights from our first AI Impact Tour stops (take a look at a few of our coverage from SF and New York, for instance, and my report on last night's Boston event coming soon), and I'm Excited to see where the most recent developments are in the world of ​​security and AI.

Honeywell's Safe Generative AI Journey: Sheila Jordan, Chief Digital Technology Officer at Honeywell, will provide insights into the adoption of generative AI across the corporate's global business.

Jordan may even discuss the challenges related to genetic AI applications and the way Honeywell is prioritizing safety in its deployments. This also includes the info governance technique to manage data input and output. She may even have a look at how Honeywell works with cloud providers like Microsoft to leverage their generative AI tools while protecting proprietary data.

Ally Financial’s secure generative AI strategy in motion: Sathish Muthukrishnan, Chief Information, Data and Digital Officer at Ally, one in every of the country's largest digital banks and leading auto lender, will introduce Ally.ai, a secure generative AI platform that manages how the bank manages large language models (LLMs) for its customers orchestrates applications and switches between different LLMs based on the needs of an application. He will discuss how Ally is researching and testing generative AI for:

  • Fraud detection and prevention, proactively discover trends and patterns of fraudulent behavior.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Support, Provide internal investigators with really helpful next steps to enhance efficiency based on the form of alert received.

Muthukrishnan will explore the unique data warehousing infrastructure Ally has built to guard personally identifiable information (PII) in its ecosystem, even when interacting with LLMs. He will address Ally's robust governance practices, which include interactions with internal and external stakeholders that research firm Gartner says are unique within the industry. Ally cites these controls as one reason it has been capable of deploy generative AI applications where other banks have been slower.

Secure your organization with AI: The discussion will include Kelly Bissell, CVP and deputy CISO at Microsoft. He will share Microsoft's insights into how corporations can use AI to secure their operations. Bissell may even discuss how Microsoft Azure enables corporations to leverage generative AI while maintaining robust security controls. (Disclosure: Thank you to Microsoft for sponsoring and making this event possible!)

Do not miss this chance:

  • Gain insights from leading practitioners in enterprise generative AI.
  • Learn find out how to address the safety challenges related to deploying generative AI.
  • Discover best practices for constructing a protected and responsible generative AI strategy to your organization.
  • Connect with industry peers and discover the most recent advances in generative AI.

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