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Cohere launches Command R+, a robust enterprise LLM that outperforms GPT-4 Turbo

connectionsa number one provider of AI solutions for businesses, today announced the launch of Command R+, its most advanced and scalable Large Language Model (LLM), designed specifically for real-world business applications. The recent model builds on the strengths of its predecessor, Command Rwhile offering improved performance, multilingual support and advanced RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) capabilities.

“We are very enthusiastic about this next generation of our models, the Command R and R+ family of models,” said Martin Kon, president and COO of Cohere, in an interview with VentureBeat. “R+ is essentially the most powerful of our models and a giant step forward within the capabilities that basically matter to businesses.”

Optimized for enterprise use cases, Command R+ offers best-in-class RAG with citations to cut back inaccuracies, multilingual coverage in 10 key business languages, and a robust Tool usage API to automate complex workflows. The model outperforms similar offerings when it comes to RAG, multilingual capabilities and gear usage, while maintaining Cohere's commitment to privacy and security.

“Command R+ is essentially the most powerful model when it comes to the important thing elements that basically matter to businesses when it comes to RAG, multilingualism and gear usage,” emphasized Kon. “The cost of deployment, whether through cloud management or on-premise, allows firms to deploy at scale.”


Data protection and security are paramount

Cohere stays independent and cloud-agnostic with Command R+ and its other search and retrieval models now available on Microsoft Azure. This enables enterprise customers to access cutting-edge AI capabilities of their preferred cloud environment.

“Privacy and security are a core a part of Cohere’s direction and differentiation,” explained Kon. “We bring our models into your data; We don’t ask you to contribute your data to our models. That’s why we’re available in every cloud, now including Azure, and deliver it on-premises for individuals who want the best level of knowledge security.”

Proven success in production environments

Cohere's success in deploying its technology in production environments is demonstrated by its partnerships with industry giants similar to Oracle. Oracle announced this last Thursday greater than 200 AI-powered featurespowered by Cohere's LLMs, at the moment are available in production on NetSuite and Fusion applications.

“We have Cohere production capabilities in among the most useful and demanding SaaS applications integrated into tens of 1000’s of firms all over the world,” Kon proudly shared. “It’s exciting to see that these customers are already using this technology of their each day work to make their work lives higher and more productive.”

Ready for further growth

Cohere has reported a powerful 60% revenue growth in the primary 10 weeks of 2024 alone, with much of the acceleration driven by anticipation of the discharge of Command R and R+. The availability of Cohere models on Azure is predicted to offer further momentum and growth.

“The momentum we’re carrying into the long run is totally enormous,” Kon concluded.

Cohere expects sales within the triple-digit million range in 2024, in line with a source accustomed to the corporate's forecasts.

With the launch of Command R+ and its growing ecosystem of enterprise-grade AI solutions, Cohere is well-positioned to solidify its position as a pacesetter within the enterprise AI market and enable organizations to understand the transformative potential of LLMs safely and at scale to make use of scale.


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