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Krea AI Announced Real-Time Multi-Image Prompting for Enhanced Creative Output

Krea AI, the groundbreaking design tool known for its ability to coach personalized AI using user-provided images, has announced a notable update to its platform. With the introduction of multi-image prompts in real-time, users can use the ability of up to 3 images to condition their AI generations, utilizing the brand new “HD” model.

announcing multi-image prompts in real-time.

now you should use as much as 3 images to condition your generations with our recent “HD” model. pic.twitter.com/bmZ1NHZamL

— KREA AI (@krea_ai) April 4, 2024

This significant update in Krea AI’s capabilities is a start for various creative outputs, from concept art to architectural visuals and product photography. By training AI models with personalized images, you may now effortlessly arrange the AI-generated output along with your unique artistic vision, improving your creative process.

One of probably the most exciting parts of this update is the real-time image prompting functionality, made possible by the support for 1024×1024 resolution on the brand new “HD” model. This interesting feature allows users to see immediate changes in output as they upload recent images and adjust relative weights, making the creative process an interactive and thrilling experience.

— Justine Moore (@venturetwins) April 4, 2024

Combining multiple images in real time opens up recent ways for creative ideas, allowing users to experiment with seamlessly mixing different styles and elements. Whether merging a given character with a fresh aesthetic or finding different visual ideas, the probabilities are infinite with Krea AI’s multi-image prompting feature.

As artists, designers, and creators do that latest innovation in AI image generation, Krea AI will remain a number one platform for AI-powered creativity, letting its users unlock recent levels of expression and innovation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Krea AI introduces real-time multi-image prompts, allowing users to arrange AI generations with up to 3 images.
  • The recent “HD” model supports 1024×1024 resolution, allowing real-time image prompting for interesting creative findings.
  • Users can seamlessly mix different styles and elements, enhancing their ability to generate personalized AI artwork and AI designs.



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