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The Humane AI Pin, the primary wearable “AI device,” is receiving praise from reviewers

Key reviewers have burst the bubble of the Humane AI Pin, a $699 AI-powered wearable device.

The chest-worn device contains a touchpad, camera and laser projector and guarantees users hands-free access to AI models akin to OpenAI's ChatGPT 4.0 and Google's Gemini.

However, early impressions from The Verge, WIRED and The Washington Post, amongst many others, suggest that the AI ​​Pin isn’t achieving its goal.

David Pierce The edge I spent almost two weeks testing the device. He found it “so completely unfinished and completely broken in so many unacceptable ways” that he couldn’t recommend it to anyone.

He also cited issues with slow performance, overheating, poor battery life and the lack to perform basic tasks reliably.

“In general, I’d say that for each successful interaction with the AI ​​Pin, there have been three or 4 unsuccessful ones,” Pierce lamented.

By Julian Chokkattu WIRED repeated this and located that the AI ​​pin responses were often inaccurate or slow and that navigating the projector display was difficult, especially in daylight. He also encountered thermal problems, with the device overheating after just just a few queries.

The AI pinThe camera features were also disappointing, with low-light photos and videos being of poor quality.

Chris Velazco from The Washington Post recognized the potential of AI wearables to rework the way in which we interact with technology, but found that the implementation of the AI ​​pin was lacking.

He highlighted the device's limited compatibility with popular services and its inability to sync with a user's existing phone number as significant drawbacks.

“If there may be a lesson here, nevertheless, it’s that we’re higher off forcing ourselves to make use of existing devices properly fairly than rushing right into a latest device that guarantees to resolve our problems,” wrote Velazco.

The AI ​​pin misses the goal

One of the major issues reviewers encountered was the AI ​​Pin's lack of basic features and integrations.

Setting reminders, accessing calendars, and navigating to locations are currently missing, although Humane has stated that a lot of these features might be added in future updates.

The security of the device was also a priority, as using a physical passcode could allow unauthorized access if left unattended on a jacket or bag.

Despite these shortcomings, some remain optimistic in regards to the potential of AI-powered wearables.

It seems clear enough that the AI ​​Pin in its current state doesn’t justify its high price and is way from fulfilling the promised functionality.

The project is paying homage to Google Glass, which was promptly shelved for the patron market after Google realized nobody wanted it on their face.

Like Google Glass back then, the AI ​​Pin is currently the one device of its kind available. It is area of interest, positioned openly on the body, doesn’t give the suitable impression and doesn’t justify its high price.

Still, Humane co-founders Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, who previously worked at Apple, have stressed that the AI ​​Pin is only the start of their vision.

They have plans to expand the device's capabilities and partnerships over time, but reviewers can only evaluate the product because it stands today.

Will there be one other iteration? Probably. Didn't someone say that you must never buy the primary generation of a brand new device anyway?

Next we have now this Rabbit R1one other “AI device” that would challenge reviewers to present a positive review.


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