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Adobe is Paying $3 Per Minute for Videos to Train New AI Video Generator

Key Takeaways:

  • Adobe is offering $3 per minute to content creators for videos to coach its AI text-to-video generator.
  • The rate aligns with industry standards for AI training data, starting from cents to just a few dollars per image or video by some major corporations.
  • Adobe’s strategy involves using its extensive stock media library and procuring images directly from contributors.
  • Challenges include ensuring the standard and authenticity of content while avoiding copyrighted or offensive material.
  • Despite challenges, Adobe stays optimistic in regards to the potential of AI within the creative industry.

As Adobe goes deeper into AI-powered content creation, its strategy of sourcing videos from its network of photographers and artists at $3 per minute may raise questions on fairness and sufficiency. Here’s what it’s essential to know:

The Offer:

Adobe offers $120 for 40 to 45 minutes of video content, equating to roughly $3 per minute. The content includes on a regular basis actions, emotions, and basic study essential for training its AI text-to-video generator.

Comparing with Industry Standards:

While some may query Adobe’s offer’s sufficiency, it falls inside the industry’s range. Other corporations, including Google, Meta, Apple, and Amazon, are reportedly willing to pay as much as $2 per image and $2 to $4 per short-form video for AI training data.

Challenges and Considerations:

Despite the seemingly fair compensation, concerns remain regarding the standard and authenticity of procured videos. Adobe must handle issues resembling copyrighted material and nudity and maintain the integrity of its AI training data. 

Adobe’s AI Strategy:

Adobe’s move to develop advanced AI tools shows its commitment to meeting the growing needs of skilled creators and opens up latest and exciting possibilities for artistic expression. By using its extensive stock media library and collaborating with content creators, Adobe goals to permit artists and filmmakers to explore latest creative ideas.

The Future of AI in Creativity:

AI-powered content creation is confident that it should change the creative industry. As corporations like Adobe put money into AI research and development, the content creation industry will transform significantly.

Adobe’s try and train its AI text-to-video generator highlights the growing connection between technology and creativity. While there is perhaps some lingering questions, the broader importance of AI’s future in content creation requires close attention.



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