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Breaking All Boundaries With Gemini’s AI Image Generation – Creating the Happiest Llama

Since its launch in Q1 of 2023, Google Gemini (formerly Google Bard) has been the largest and essentially the most successful competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Google Gemini is the go-to AI chatbot for people needing a chatbot for actual research purposes, because it is backed by Google’s vast library of data and intelligence. ChatGPT and Bard have been neck and neck for essentially the most part. After OpenAI integrated Dall-E with ChatGPT Pro, Google gave Gemini a brand new update, allowing it to generate AI images directly from the chatbox. πŸ’¬

Google Gemini’s AI image generation has been taken with no consideration, and it remains to be an underrated feature that deserves more attention. So, I made a decision to indicate you the way good Gemini’s AI image generation capabilities are, but first, listed below are two things you’ll want to know. πŸ’­

  • Firstly, the feature is free and doesn’t require any monthly subscription to access, just like the AI image generation feature on ChatGPT.
  • Secondly, as ChatGPT relies on Dall-E’s AI model, Gemini’s image-generating feature is built on the Imagen 2 AI model powered by Google DeepMind’s text-to-image advancements.

Now, it is time to see how good Gemini’s AI image-generation capabilities are; you might have seen the comfortable rabbit video to which Joe Rogan reacted to call, “ChatGPT Craeted an Image of God with a Bunny.” So, I did something similar but with a llama: πŸ¦™

First, I entered a straightforward prompt stating, “Generate a picture of an cute llama.”

Then I asked Gemini to make it happier.

Then, I asked Gemini to make it even happier.

Once again, I asked, even happier.

Then, to make things more interesting, I asked Gemini to generate a picture of the happiest llama within the solar system.

What next? Obviously, we’ll transcend the solar system and generate a picture of the happiest llama within the Milky Way Galaxy.

We will go one step further and make it the happiest llama within the universe.

This llama might just be happier than you and everybody it’s possible you’ll know. Jokes apart, whatever ChatGPT can do, Google Gemini can do, and possibly even higher than ChatGPT for no extra cost. At the tip of the day, it’s your preference. You can select either or depending on your selected style.


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