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Interview: Radovan Kavicky – AI and Data Science Evangelist at AIslovakia

Radovan Kavicky is AI & Data Science Evangelist at AIslovakIA, the national platform for AI development in Slovakia, and President of the GapData Institute. The aim of the non-profit platform, supported by the Slovak government, is to attach all AI industry players in Slovakia and harness the total potential of Slovakia's biggest minds to advance AI development in Slovakia.

Radovan graduated with a level in finance and began out as an economist, but whenever you talk over with him, it's clear that his true passion lies in data science and AI, especially because it pertains to his home country of Slovakia.

In his presentation (available on his GitHub or directly @ https://tinyurl.com/slides-globalAIshow) on the Global AI Show in Dubai, Radovan presented some interesting predictions about when we are able to expect strong AI, human-level AI and later AGI, or in other words the “holy grail” of all AI research.

He emphasized the growing must implement explainable AI tools, engage in open collaboration, and teach machines our worth system and rule of law to make sure that AGI becomes all the pieces we hope it’s going to be (at the least benevolent towards humanity).

DailyAI's Eugene van der Watt spoke to Radovan Kavicky about his views on current and future AI developments. Here are a couple of interesting highlights from the interview.

Q: Radovan, you were once an advisor to the Prime Minister of the Slovak government on AI. Can you tell us more about it?

Radovan Kavicky:

Q: Different governments world wide have taken different approaches to AI regulation. What do you’re thinking that of the Slovak approach? What path is being taken there when it comes to regulation?

Radovan Kavicky:

Radovan explained the EU's approach to AI regulation through the AI ​​Law, which focuses on risk assessment of AI implementations slightly than regulating specific technologies. He believes it is a higher approach in comparison with other countries and regions world wide, but lacks a deal with regulating AI itself.

While Kavicky is optimistic concerning the advantages of AI, he doesn’t ignore the potential risks of AGI, but emphasizes the importance of balancing AI with human values.

Q: You mentioned that OpenAI isn't really open. What do you consider that?

Radovan Kavicky:

Referring to Sofia, a humanoid AI robot who was his co-keynote speaker on the Global AI Show, Kavicky said:

Kavicky emphasized the necessity for an open source approach to deal with potential risks.

Q: There are various opinions on AGI. Yann LeCun believes it remains to be far-off and security is just not a priority, while Elon Musk believes it’s imminent and poses an existential risk. What do you’re thinking that?

Radovan Kavicky:

Q: Slovakia has produced some notable names in AI, like Andrej Karpathy. However, there’s also the challenge of a brain drain. Are there opportunities in Slovakia for somebody who desires to work on AI projects?

Radovan Kavicky:

Kavicky explained that the Slovak government and industry need to vary their mindset to retain AI talent and profit slightly than suffer from inevitable AI automation, and that his region/CEE/Central and Eastern Europe will likely be hit the toughest (if we consider the predictions).

He expressed skepticism about blockchain, but acknowledged the expertise of Ben Goertzel and Marek Rosa of GoodAI, who’re working to realize AGI as quickly as possible and integrate AI, but additionally technologies like blockchain, into their pursuit of AGI.

Q: Do you’re thinking that blockchain, DeFi and the like will play a bigger role in AI in the longer term?

Radovan Kavicky:

Kavicky is worked up about developments in artificial neural networks, but additionally says they’re very different from our human brains and in some ways even higher.

Kavicky emphasized that the AI ​​industry must be more open and collaborative to soundly achieve these advances.

You can discover more about Kavicky's work in AI and data science at Alislovakia and the GapData Institute.


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