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DAI#36 – Mini models, upscale video, and AI dogfights

Welcome to our roundup of this week’s freshest AI news.

This week AI took blurry videos and made them look awesome.

Microsoft released a tiny model that punches above its weight.

And an AI pilot engaged humans in a real-world F-16 dogfight.

Let’s dig in.

Looking sharp

Adobe teased us with demos of VideoGigaGAN, a model that upscales blurry video to look 8x sharper. We’ve seen attempts at video upscaling before but that is the primary to generate smooth and sharp output from low-res videos.

This could give us HD versions of historical archive footage and even HD versions of old TV shows. There’s also the danger of your dad putting it to work on old family videos, so…

Generative AI is powering a surge of deep fake porn and a number of it’s ending up on social media platforms.

Meta’s Oversight Board has been assessing its handling of explicit deep fakes as Meta tries to plan a technique to cope with the blurred lines of content moderation.

Deep fake porn and political propaganda aren’t prone to go away anytime soon. At least some persons are having just a little fun with generative AI and politicians.

News: “OpenAI video-generator Sora risks fueling propaganda and bias, experts say”. The web:
byu/pergessleismydaddy insingularity

New models

This week saw more language models released with exciting developments in some very small models.

Meta dropped two versions of Llama 3, an 8B and a bigger 70B parameter model. Benchmark testing shows these are actually the leading “open-source” models with Llama-3-70B even competing with Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro.

Meta says an enormous 400B and multimodal versions of Llama 3 are currently being trained.

On the really small side of the language model scale, Microsoft launched Phi-3 Mini, a tiny but powerful LM. Phi-3 Mini proves that larger isn’t all the time higher.

Microsoft took an interesting approach with curated synthetic data to coach the three.8B parameter model which outperforms models twice its size.

This is the type of model we’re prone to have on our phones soon.

Tech tumble

NVIDIA’s meteoric share price surge eventually took a breather. The stock tumbled 10% as other US tech stocks also took a battering. A drop of 10% represents $200B being shaved from the corporate’s valuation.

Is this an indication that investor AI enthusiasm is waning? Unlikely. Once next week’s Big Tech earnings reports are processed we’ll probably see normal service resume.

The right AI stuff

DARPA has been developing an AI fighter jet pilot for some time now with good ends in simulated flights. This week they revealed that they tested an AI-piloted F-16 jet in a dogfight against human fighter pilots.

Who won? They’re not saying. But I’m guessing the subsequent generation of fighter jets won’t need seats.

AI’s ability to act autonomously may very well be a lift for cybercrime. Researchers found that AI agents powered by GPT-4 can autonomously exploit cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

The proven fact that these vulnerabilities are normally published publicly and the AI agent only required 91 lines of code isn’t comforting.

It is probably not as high-tech as piloting a jet or hacking software, but AI is taking jobs from teenagers at this Wendy’s.

Wendy’s New AI drive thru
byu/x_asko ininterestingasfuck

Talking AI

This week we had the chance to interview some very interesting people involved within the AI, robotics, and blockchain space.

There’s a growing intersection between these technologies and the longer term will likely be shaped by a mixture of them.

Cogniteam CEO Dr. Yehuda Elmaliah explained how their software accelerates robotics development, deployment, and distant management.

Radovan Kavicky, an AI & Data Science evangelist at AIslovakIA gave insights into the importance of safely developing AGI and why he thinks OpenAI’s approach isn’t the strategy to go.

In other news…

Here are another clickworthy AI stories we enjoyed this week:

“boston dynamics robot with dune music isn’t real, it could actually’t hurt you”

boston dynamics robot with dune music: pic.twitter.com/fvSjtrMYzo

And that’s a wrap.

Let’s hope Adobe lets us play with VideoGigaGAN soon. The demos look amazing. Which old TV show or movie is first in your list to make HD?

Would you fly in a fighter jet piloted by an AI? I’d love to listen to an interview with the human pilots it went up against. Someone in Hollywood might be already working on an AI-inspired version of Top Gun 3. Maybe they’ll use Sora to make it.

It’s been great attending to interview people within the industry and we’ll be posting more conversations soon.


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