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TechCrunch Minute: Rabbit's R1 vs. Humane's Ai Pin – which had one of the best start?

After a successful unveiling at CES, Rabbit is letting journalists check out the R1 – a small orange device with an AI-powered voice interface. This comes just weeks after the launch of the Humane Ai Pin, which can also be being touted as a brand new type of mobile device with AI at its core.

While we're still waiting for detailed reviews (versus an initial hands-on test) of the R1, there are some pretty noticeable differences between the 2 devices.

Most noticeably, the Ai Pin has no screen, relying as a substitute on a voice interface and projector, while the R1 has a 2.88-inch screen (although this is meant for rather more than typing in your Wi-Fi password) . And while the Ai Pin costs $699 plus a $24 monthly subscription, the R1 costs just $199. Both show the worth of excellent industrial design, in response to TechCrunch's Brian Heater.

It appears like neither the Ai Pin (which has any really damning reviews) nor the R1 convincingly argue that it’s time to exchange our smartphones – or that AI chatbots are one of the best strategy to get information from the Internet. But if nothing else, it's exciting that the hardware industry is wide open again. Press play after which tell us should you plan on trying out either the R1 or the Ai Pin!


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