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Exclusive: IBM brings its AI, data and automation software to the AWS Marketplace in 92 countries

IBM has significantly expanded the supply of its software offerings on the web site Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, making its SaaS solutions available to customers in 92 countries, up from just five previously. The move is an element of a strategic collaboration between the 2 tech giants and goals to speed up the adoption of hybrid cloud and AI amongst enterprises worldwide.

“We see a really hybrid approach to generative AI, an open multimodal approach to generative AI,” said Nick Otto, head of world strategic partnerships at IBM, in an exclusive interview with VentureBeat. “It’s been really fun to look at the convergence of hybrid cloud and AI during the last 12 months.”

The expanded offering on the AWS Marketplace includes 44 IBM software products with a robust concentrate on AI and data technologies resembling Watson x.data, Watson x.ai and the upcoming Watson x.governance. Customers can now procure and deploy these solutions with their existing AWS spend, streamlining the purchasing process and reducing complexity.

“We even have exciting announcements about how more of our data AI capabilities will probably be integrated into native AWS capabilities,” Otto said. “We will see increasingly more how our offerings and AWS offerings out there come together to make it easier for purchasers to make the most of the features.”

A win-win for purchasers, AWS and IBM

Matt Yanchyshyn, GM at AWS Marketplace, believes the partnership creates a win-win for everybody involved. “IBM is a number one provider of enterprise software and their expanded presence on the AWS Marketplace will increase alternative and alternative for purchasers,” he said. “Our mutual customers also can make the most of AWS Marketplace’s many SaaS-specific features, making it easier to find, purchase, deploy and manage AWS-optimized SaaS solutions.”

The move comes as firms are increasingly turning to SaaS solutions to drive digital transformation and stay competitive. According to Mckinsey, the potential value created by cloud adoption for Forbes Global 2000 firms is estimated at $3 trillion by 2030.

For IBM, the expanded presence on the AWS Marketplace could significantly speed up its cloud software business. A Forrester study 2022 found that ISVs transacting through AWS Marketplace experience 27% higher success rates, 40% faster sales cycles, and 80% greater deal volumes.

The collaboration also extends to IBM's consulting services, with dedicated AWS experts helping customers modernize applications, optimize hybrid cloud deployments and leverage AI capabilities. “The expansion we’ve seen in AWS certified IBM consultants during the last three years is a near-infinite growth rate,” Otto told VentureBeat.

As firms increasingly adopt hybrid cloud strategies and seek to harness the facility of AI, partnerships like those of IBM and AWS will turn into increasingly vital in delivering seamless, integrated solutions. With this global expansion of IBM's software offerings on the AWS Marketplace, the 2 firms position themselves on the forefront of this transformative trend, helping customers unlock latest levels of innovation and competitive advantage.


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