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Apple poaches talent from Google for secret Swiss AI laboratory

Apple has quietly expanded its AI efforts, poaching dozens of experts from Google and establishing a secret research lab in Zurich, Switzerland.

what’s Apple prepare for? Deeper AI integration into its phones, computers, etc Apple VisionPro? Will they release a chatbot soon?

According to a Financial Times The $2.7 trillion company has been trying to hire to expand its global AI and machine learning team in recent times, based on an evaluation of LinkedIn profiles, job postings and research papers.

Apple has specifically targeted Google employees, attracting an estimated 36 people since 2018.

While nearly all of AppleThe AI ​​team relies in offices in California and Seattle, and the corporate has also established a presence in Zurich.

This is what Professor Luc Van Gool from the Swiss University ETH Zurich told the FT AppleThe acquisition of two local AI startups, virtual reality group FaceShift and image recognition company Fashwell, led to the creation of a research lab called Vision Lab in town.

The company has advertised positions in the sphere of generative AI at two locations in Zurich, certainly one of which has received particularly little attention. “A neighbor told the FT that he didn’t even know the office existed,” the report said

Although it is taken into account a slow mover in generative AI, Apple has intensified AI research and development, as shown by:

  • This April: Appleis ReALM “Sees” screen displays higher than GPT-4, developed by Apple Engineers can resolve complex relationships to things on the screen.
  • This March: Apple reveals MM1its first family of multimodal LLMs, was unveiled in a research report highlighting the corporate's progress ahead of its official release.
  • This March: Apple bought a Canadian AI startupAcquired DarwinAI to give attention to computer vision.
  • October 2023: Apple increases investments in generative AI to $1 billion per 12 months, significantly increasing funding for the event of generative AI products.

Apple is prone to focus heavily on the usage of generative AI on its mobile devices and computers, including using the technology to update Siri. The Apple VisionPro can even unlock quite a few opportunities for Apple to gather beneficial data and supply AI software products.

Give Apple his fair dues for his contributions to AI development, Chuck Wooters, an LLM expert who joined Apple in December 2013 and worked on Siri for nearly two years, said: “During my time there, certainly one of the pushes within the Siri group was to maneuver to a neural architecture for speech recognition.” Even back then, before big language models got here along, they were big Proponents of neural networks.”

Last 12 months, CEO Tim Cook hinted at this Apple AI projects are within the pipelineincluding a code-named chatbot called “Apple GPT.”

Cook also explained that AI is already heavily integrated into the corporate's products, stating that AI is “integral to virtually every product we construct.”

AppleThe company's interest in neural networks led the corporate to researchers who were instrumental in developing the technology.

In 2016 Apple acquired Perceptual Machines, founded by distinguished Carnegie Mellon researchers in the sphere of ML image recognition and classification.

The company's progress in Generative AI could also be presented on the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in June.


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