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AI iPhones could boost Apple sales

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So far, Apple boss Tim Cook has been moderately reserved with regards to artificial intelligence. During earnings conference calls, he made only vague statements about well-considered investments. On Thursday, Cook modified direction. Without being asked, he explained that generative AI was a vital opportunity for the corporate. The implication is clear: an iPhone is coming with generative AI functions.

What exactly it will seem like is unclear. OpenAI and Anthropic already offer generative AI chatbots via smartphone apps. Apple could offer a more comprehensive service by embedding a third-party AI assistant into its operating system. Or it builds its own.

Dynamic recent products can be welcome. In February, the corporate launched its long-awaited Vision Pro virtual reality headset. But the device didn't contribute enough to the corporate's $90.8 billion in quarterly revenue to offset the ten percent decline in iPhone sales.

Apple didn't have a great begin to the yr. In March, the corporate was sued by the US Department of Justice and accused of getting a smartphone monopoly. The company is awaiting the outcomes of a U.S. Justice Department antitrust lawsuit against Google that would jeopardize the payment the corporate receives to make Google the default search engine on its devices. Court documents show it was $20 billion in 2022 – representing a fifth of net income.

Late last yr, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway – one in every of Apple's largest investors – reduced its stake in the corporate. Buffett could also be waiting for proof that AI can fuel a brand new surge in iPhone sales. But take a take a look at return on invested capital, a metric he is thought to care deeply about, and Apple appears to be in good condition. The measure of profitability of invested debt and equity costs is greater than five times the weighted average cost of capital. It can be on the rise. By shifting its business to services, Apple was in a position to proceed to extend its margins despite declining sales.

For the following quarter, Apple expects sales to grow again in comparison with the previous yr, albeit within the low single digits. Thanks to the corporate's robust free money flow generation and big money pile, it will possibly expand its repurchase program from $90 billion to $110 billion without breaking a sweat. The move toward an AI iPhone helped the stock price rise 7 percent in after-hours trading. Further details in regards to the next smartphone phase are more likely to bring further progress.



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