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Interview: Cinderella Amar – Web4, AI and Blockchain Evangelist

Cinderella Amar, managing partner of Glass Ventures – a enterprise capital firm specializing in Web4 projects – shared insights into the transformative potential of AI and blockchain from an entrepreneur's perspective.

Although Cinderella Amar began her profession in traditional finance, her profession shifted towards blockchain and AI after witnessing first-hand the disruptive impact of those technologies.

We had the chance to delve deeper into the evolution of this transition and listen to their perspective on the long run of Web4, AI and Blockchain.

Q: You began in traditional finance. How come you’ve focused more on technologies like AI and blockchain?

Q: How did you find yourself creating chatbots?

Q: We're just attempting to familiarize yourself with Web3, but you're enthusiastic about Web4. Could you explain more about your Web4 thesis?

Q: When people discuss Web4, additionally they talk in regards to the symbiotic web. What does that mean?

Q: What will AI together with Blockchain and Web4 enable me to try this I can't do now?

Q: There is money to be made with a lot innovation and recent products. Is that why you founded Glass Ventures?

Q: What role do you’re thinking that regulations play when there are such a lot of recent developments?

Q: Putting in your forward-thinking hat, when pushed to make some predictions, what are you looking forward to for the near and longer-term way forward for AI?

Q: And do you see quantum computing taking what AI and blockchain are today and taking it to the subsequent level?


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