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Puzzle uses AI and machine learning to automate accounting for startups

Accounting, a critical but often cumbersome aspect of business management, is getting a significant overhaul due to artificial intelligence. Sasha OrloffCo-founder and CEO of puzzleis a frontrunner in transforming the best way startups handle their funds by leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies.

“Accounting is something you may have to do right — it’s 100% or (it’s) zero,” Orloff said in a recent interview with VentureBeat. “It's like going to Mars: in the event you get 95% of the approach to Mars, it doesn't really matter. The accounting have to be correct.”

Waiting for technology to catch up

As an experienced entrepreneur who has grown multiple corporations to unicorn status and raised lots of of tens of millions of dollars, Orloff understands the challenges founders and CFOs face in terms of ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting. He's been enthusiastic about an answer for a decade, waiting for technology to catch up along with his vision. With the emergence of advanced AI systems like ChatGPT, who passed the CPA exam last yrOrloff believes the time is ripe for disruption.

Puzzle's AI-powered platform automates key accounting tasks, including transaction categorization, reconciliation, and anomaly detection. By analyzing data from various sources and processing it through sophisticated machine learning models, the software ensures completeness and accuracy – two essential pillars of accounting.

Completeness and Accuracy: The Core of Accounting

“At its core, accounting is about completeness and accuracy,” Orloff told VentureBeat. “We run different machine learning models and AI models for various skill levels. We do anomaly detection to ensure we’ve a whole picture of every thing.”

However, Puzzle's capabilities transcend data completeness. The platform leverages techniques similar to natural language processing with large language models (LLMs) to accurately categorize transactions and handle complex processes similar to depreciation schedules. “We can take PDFs, bank statements and receipts and interpret them,” he said. “You don’t should know anything about accounting.”

The power of AI combined with human supervision

As AI sparks massive change within the industry, Orloff recognizes the importance of human oversight, especially given the high risks of monetary reporting. Puzzle's software facilitates collaboration between AI and human experts, allowing accountants to review results, mark competency levels and make corrections when crucial. Based on this feedback, the AI ​​continually learns and improves.

“No matter how good AI gets, people still want an authority to review it,” Orloff acknowledged. “We mark things as AI categorized in order that at the tip you possibly can undergo them and have them reviewed by humans after which mark them as competent, yes or no.”

This human-in-the-loop approach not only ensures accuracy, but in addition gives startups peace of mind when coping with liability issues related to taxes, fundraising, and board reports. “When these items are inaccurate, it's not like they're saying, 'Well, you already know, Sasha really tried hard.' They don’t care. “It needs to be right,” emphasized Orloff.

Handle complex borderline cases with ease

Puzzle's AI-driven platform really shines in terms of handling complex edge cases and exceptions that usually overwhelm traditional accounting software. Orloff provided a relatable example: “Imagine you go to Blue Bottle in San Francisco, but your accountant is in Denver, where there isn’t a Blue Bottle. All they see is a transaction labeled “Blue Bottle.” They say, 'I don't know what that was.'”

With Puzzle, the system can mechanically flag the cardholder, send an email requesting clarification, and based on the response, categorize the transaction, considering nuances similar to customer meetings or travel. “It’s trained in our system,” he explained. “It will actually reply to you and say, 'Have you been to a client?' Were you alone? Or were you traveling?' Because there are different tax treatments.”

The ability to simply handle such edge cases is what sets Puzzle aside from traditional accounting software. By leveraging AI's natural language processing capabilities and its ability to learn from human feedback, Puzzle can accurately categorize even essentially the most obscure transactions, saving helpful time and reducing the chance of errors.

We empower startups to scale confidently

When startups are growing at breakneck speed, complete and accurate financial data is crucial to meaningful discussions concerning the company's health with investors and boards of directors. Puzzle's AI-driven approach streamlines the tedious and error-prone facets of accounting, freeing founders and CFOs to give attention to growth and strategic initiatives.

“Even in any case that, we actually developed independent software,” he revealed. “We have generative software that completely builds your financial reports, we’ve separate software that reviews them… And then we do a review, we offer you a report every month that shows all of the anomalies and inconsistencies so you possibly can can spend.” Time is running. Those are best practices in accounting: you may have someone prepare it, have someone review it, after which have someone validate it.”

With Puzzle on the forefront of AI-powered accounting innovation, the longer term is vivid for startups trying to scale quickly, securely and clearly. Orloff put it well: “It makes the accountant’s job much easier to organize—and so they can then spend more time enthusiastic about how they’ll improve the business.”

The impact of Puzzle's AI-driven platform extends far beyond the realm of accounting. By giving startups a clearer and more accurate picture of their funds, Puzzle enables founders and CFOs to make data-driven decisions that may take their corporations to recent heights. With the power to scale quickly while maintaining financial integrity, startups leveraging Puzzle's platform could gain a big advantage within the competitive entrepreneurship landscape.

As the business world continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, integrating AI into critical functions similar to accounting will likely change into more common. Puzzle's modern approach to financial reporting serves as a compelling case study within the transformative potential of AI when applied to complex, demanding areas. With visionaries like Sasha Orloff on the helm, the longer term of accounting looks not only more efficient but in addition smarter, paving the best way for a brand new era of growth and innovation within the startup world.


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