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A brand new video AI generator is emerging: Krea AI adds features for paying subscribers

When it involves AI video generation, Open's previously unreleased Sora model has stolen the highlight this yr from compelling rivals Runway and Pika.

But now a brand new challenger comes: Create AIa lesser-known generative AI media startup from San Francisco Co-founder of Victor Pérez and Diego Rodriguez that brought it into being public beta at the top of 2023.

At the time, Krea was offering AI image upscaling (adding details and improving the resolution of a user-submitted image), and shortly after, real-time AI image generation capabilities and a novel user interface – Cursor based brushes and straightforward shapes that a user can move to guide generations, along with more frequent text prompts.

Krea today upgraded to permit a tier of its paying subscribers to create videos. The company announced the brand new feature via his X account, Posting a helpful thread with examples.

Subscribers to Krea’s costliest tier “Max” for $60 per 30 days (billed monthly) – the corporate also offers a free tier, Basic ($10/month) and Pro ($35/month) – can now visit the Krea AI website and navigate to the “Video” section where they’ll discover a latest see choice to create a brand new video project.

This is how Krea Video works

Unlike Pika and Runway, which work primarily by adding motion to regions of user-uploaded still images, or converting text prompt descriptions into entirely latest videos, and even converting pre-recorded videos into latest styles, Krea gives the user the power to Use each “keyframe” still images and text prompts in the identical project.

Users may select different frames to delete, reorder, or extend/shorten their duration.

The interface is a video timeline that can look familiar to users of more traditional video editing and movie-making software like Apple's iMove, Adobe's Premiere Pro, and even CapCut.

The advanced video generation process introduced by Krea AI occurs in two distinct phases.

First, a low-resolution preview is generated, giving users a fast have a look at their creation. This is followed by a second phase by which the video is enhanced to high resolution.

Users even have the choice to cancel the generation process at any time, providing greater control and efficiency.

Users and supporters are already showcasing their impressive creations using the brand new Krea video feature:

Although it lacks the photorealism of the competition, it remains to be capable of manufacturing videos with impressive smoothness, unique and fascinating transitions, and stunning animated images.

A fast climb

Perez, a former head of machine learning (ML) research at Plyzer Intelligence, and Rodriguez, a self-described “renaissance man,” each graduates of Cornell University, co-founded Krea in 2022. Perez now serves as CEO and Rodriguez as his CTO .

As highlighted in a recent article from Cerebral ValleyKrea AI's rapid adoption within the fast-paced AI art scene is essentially attributable to its revolutionary approach to real-time AI generation.

This capability has not only set Krea AI aside from its competitors, but has also attracted nearly 1,000,000 users, including those within the film and gaming industries.

So create something Named one in all the “Most Innovative Companies of 2024” by Fast Company magazine in March for his groundbreaking work in AI-powered media creation.

The startup is now attempting to commercialize its latest AI breakthroughs.


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