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OpenAI's Sam Altman calls AI systems like GPT-4 “protected enough to make use of”

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman made a temporary appearance at this 12 months's Microsoft Build to talk with Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott. The timing was notable, coming lower than 24 hours after actress Scarlett Johansson accused OpenAI of using a voice “eerily similar” to hers for its GPT-4o chatbot.

Altman did circuitously address the dispute, nor did Microsoft, OpenAI's largest partner. However, he shared that he was surprised at how much he appreciated the voice mode in GPT-4o. Separately, the top of OpenAI spent nearly ten minutes delivering an inspiring-sounding message about how developers are crucial to the longer term of artificial intelligence innovation.

“Developers have been a central a part of what’s happened during the last 12 months and a half,” he notes. “There are tens of millions of people that have been on the platform. What persons are doing is completely amazing. The speed of adoption and talent and determining what you’ll be able to construct from all of that actually didn't take long… When we put GPT-3 within the API, some people thought it was cool, nevertheless it didn't drive any sales. And to see what people have done with GPT-4 and what’s happening now with GPT-4o… it’s pretty remarkable.”

“We have never seen technology adopted so quickly and in such a meaningful way,” he proclaims.

When asked what we are able to expect in the subsequent few months, Altman says the models will proceed to grow in intelligence. “If you concentrate on what happened from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4, it's just gotten smarter… it's gotten a bit more robust, so much safer since the model has gotten smarter and so much more work has gone into constructing the safety tools around it was inserted. It has turn out to be more useful.”

Later he would talk more about AI security, an area his company is commonly related to, especially after one Coup by board members Last November saw the departure of key executives and the dissolution of the Superalignment team. He shares that OpenAI initially spent plenty of time getting its AI to a suitable level of security. GPT-4 is assumed to be secure enough. “It’s removed from perfect (and) we still have plenty of work to do,” Altman explains. “However, it is usually considered robust enough and protected enough for a wide selection of uses. And that required an infinite amount of labor from each teams and basic research.”

Altman calls today essentially the most exciting time to develop something, be it a product or a startup, a minimum of for the reason that mobile boom. He describes the proliferation of AI as a generational platform shift. “This is a special time. Take advantage of it,” he urges developers. “This isn’t the time to postpone your plans or wait for the subsequent thing – this can be a special moment.”

Although not published, Altman's appearance on Build comes as no surprise. Microsoft announced latest integrations with OpenAI at its Build conference, notably the introduction of GPT-4o on Copilot+ PCs, AI Azure Studio and MicrosoftWindows.


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