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NVIDIA's record revenue increases 18% in comparison with last quarter

NVIDIA, firmly on the forefront of the AI ​​revolution, released a shocking earnings report on Wednesday that far exceeded Wall-StreetExpectations are already high.

The company's revenue rose an astonishing 262% year-over-year to over $26 billion in the primary quarter, an 18% increase from last quarter, and net income jumped greater than 600% to $14.9 billion.

The chipmaker's success has been largely based on insatiable demand for its AI data center chips, while tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon are also pouring money into their AI strategies.

NVIDIA's data center revenue alone rose 427% to $22.6 billion, underscoring the corporate's dominance within the AI ​​hardware market.

This happened shortly after NVIDIA and other technology stocks suffered a severe crisis in late April. Nasdaq-Composite Down 2.1%. This was a short lived decline as the value has risen over 6% up to now this month.

“After Blackwell, there’s one other chip, and we’re in a one-year cycle,” said NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huangreferring to the corporate's next-generation AI chipset, which is ready to launch this yr.

Huang stressed that demand for each the present Hopper chips and the upcoming Blackwell chips “far exceeds supply,” a situation he expects to proceed “well into next yr.”

NVIDIA is achieving its powerful results at a time of intense competition, with rivals AMD and Intel launching their very own AI data center chips and collaborating with their customers.

However, the corporate's relentless pace of innovation and robust position within the AI ​​ecosystem have enabled it to keep up its leadership position.

Manufacturing semiconductors and AI hardware is notoriously difficult, and NVIDIA has spent a long time researching other areas.

Catching up is proving extremely difficult and it is usually still a big gamble for buyers to decide on other manufacturers as an alternative of NVIDIA.

NVIDIA reorganizes share structure

In a surprise announcement, NVIDIA also revealed plans for a 1:10 stock split effective June 7.

A stock split increases the variety of shares outstanding while proportionally reducing the value of every share. In Nvidia's case, the 10-for-1 split means an investor will receive nine additional shares for each share they own.

While this does circuitously impact the corporate's market capitalization or the worth of an investor's shares, the cheaper price per share could make the stock more attractive to a wider range of investors.

This alone caused NVIDIA shares to rise 8.3 percent in early trading on Thursday.

The company's market capitalization is currently around $2.3 trillion, making it the third most respected USpublicly traded company, only Apple and Microsoft are higher.

Analysts and industry experts praised NVIDIA’s performance. “NVIDIA exceeded expectations in data center revenue and across the board,” said Daniel Newman, CEO of Futurum Group. “The entire market has been waiting for this number and NVIDIA has delivered.”

With the AI ​​boom showing no signs of slowing down, contrary to some speculation, NVIDIA appears well positioned to keep up its leadership position within the AI ​​chip market.

How long will it take? How long will a chunk of string last? AI is unpredictable. Demand for chips could rise for a long time or collapse immediately.

With technology firms all over the world investing heavily in AI infrastructure in 2024 and beyond, NVIDIA's growth trend is more likely to proceed, not less than for now.


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