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Visit us on the Travel Trends AI Summit 2024

The first Travel Trends AI Summit goals to supply unique insights into the deep integration of AI into the travel industry.

This virtual event, scheduled for February 21-22, 2024, will provide a chance to explore the changes AI is bringing to travel and tourism.

The role of AI in travel includes automation, personalized travel experiences, dynamic itinerary planning and improved customer support, all tailored to the evolving needs of recent travelers.

This summit will discuss these and other advances with presentations, discussions and questions and answers.

Expect a stellar lineup of speakers from renowned organizations including Phocuswright, Arival and Oliver Wyman, to VCs including F-Prime Capital and Trip Ventures, in addition to startups comparable to Roam Around, Legends, Boston Venture Studio, and more, who will share their insights on using AI to drive travel innovation.

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The impact of AI on travel and tourism

The influence of AI on travel and tourism has increased rapidly. Accordingly Market evaluationAI-driven revenue within the tourism sector recorded a staggering 50% growth from 2018 to 2021.

By 2024, this number is predicted to triple, showing the massive impact of AI on travel.

We have already seen examples of AI chatbots developed by airlines and booking platforms comparable to Expedia and Emirates, allowing users to browse and book options through an interactive interface.

These and other use cases will only increase as we move into the age of generative AI.

Featured speakers on the Travel Trends AI Summit

The Travel Trends AI Summit features a powerful lineup of speakers from the leading sectors of the travel, technology and AI industries, including:

  • Shane O'Flaherty: Global Director at Microsoft.
  • Maggie Rauch: Head of Research, Transport, Hospitality at Deloitte.
  • Travis Pittman: Co-founder and CEO of TourRadar.
  • Stuart Greif: Chief Strategy Officer at Forbes Travel Guide.
  • Betsy Mule, F-Prime Capital, partner
  • Carlos GarcíaFounder, Trip Ventures
  • Mike Coletta: Manager, Research and Innovation at Phocuswright.

Highlights of the summit

  • Current discussions: Learn how AI is reshaping marketing strategies, improving customer experiences and creating operational advantages within the travel sector.
  • Future-proof strategies: Learn the way to integrate AI into what you are promoting model to remain one step ahead in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in workshops and panel discussions designed to supply actionable insights and encourage collaborative innovation.

Why participate?

  • Expert panels and keynotes: The summit guarantees a series of stimulating discussions and keynotes with CEOs, directors and founders of leading firms.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage: Sessions cover a variety of topics necessary to the travel industry, from marketing and technology to customer support and leadership.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, technology innovators and peers in an interactive virtual environment.

Registration information

Tickets can be found at a special price of $99 until February 13, 2024, after which prices increase to $249. Secure your home early to profit from this offer.

Secure your ticket today and be a part of the journey that may shape the travel industry of tomorrow.


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