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Sora by OpenAI: Too Good and Too Real or Too Scary for Being Real

OpenAI shocked everyone once they introduced Sora – their AI model that may generate realistic and imaginative scenes from text prompts. Text-to-video generation doesn’t have the best popularity despite the fact that being high in demand. We have experienced so many AI tools that supply AI text-to-image generation – certainly one of them being a product of OpenAI called Dall-E, which is one of the popular image-generation tools and is powering many other image-generation tools. So when OpenAI introduced Sora their groundbreaking text-to-video generation tool, everyone had their eyes on them and OpenAI didn’t disappoint. 

The state of text–to-video generation was appalling – but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t growing and developing. We were introduced to Pika – which was groundbreaking in itself but nowhere near replacing the present traditional cinematography. The capabilities of Sora shown by OpenAI are very impressive and will actually replace traditional filmmaking if the correct prompt is used.

The state of text-to-video 1 yr ago:

Here is a video generated using Pika:

Here are just a few sample videos generated by Sora:

Sora is indeed very shockingly good nonetheless some do consider it scary as well, and rightly in order now you may not even imagine in your eyes what’s an actual authentic video and what’s AI-generated realistic-looking video. OpenAI is bending reality with Sora. Hopefully, Sora shall be publicly available soon for mass use.


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