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5 Platforms to Access GPT-4o for Free

Since its launch in May of this 12 months, OpenAI’s latest flagship model, GPT-4o in ChatGPT, has been within the limelight. GPT-4o is likely to be one of the best model publicly available at once. GPT-4o has the intelligence level of GPT-4, but it surely is an omnimodel that may do greater than GPT-4. GPT-4o represents a cutting-edge AI that seamlessly incorporates text, audio, and vision right into a single platform.

GPT-4o ends in improved response times, reasoning capabilities, and superior performance in multiple languages apart from English. Compared to GPT -4 Turbo, GPT-4o offers 50% cost savings and is twice as fast. GPT-4o could possibly be accessed free of charge via the ChatGPT app, however the usage is restricted.

Here are 5 ways you’ll be able to access GPT-4o free of charge:


ChatGPT offers all users access to the GPT-4o model and its advanced capabilities. As a free user, you should utilize the GPT-4o model just a few times, after which it can change to the GPT-3.5-turbo model. The best technique to engage with GPT-4o is by uploading files or images and asking relevant questions. GPT-3.5 cannot process image data, so this could possibly be a workaround for consistently using GPT-4o.


Poe offers free access to the newest AI models, including open-source and closed-source options. It’s a implausible platform for accessing cutting-edge AI models for free of charge. To access the GPT-4o model, simply create a brand new chat, select the GPT-4o model, and begin asking questions. You can ask Poe as much as 10 questions day by day using this GPT-4o model.

Vercel AI Playground:

Vercel AI Playground is a superb yet easy platform providing free access to different AI models, including open-source and closed-source ones. It allows users to mix multiple models concurrently and offers fast switching between models.

What’s most interesting about Vercel AI Playground is that it has no usage limitations. You can ask questions as often as needed without hitting a day by day quota. To start using the GPT-4o model, create a brand new chat box, click on the model at the highest left, and choose it from the list.


You.com uses an AI search engine that mixes the facility of AI models like GPT-4o with an online search to offer the newest and most relevant answers. You’ll have access to all of the top-performing large language models, corresponding to GPT-4-turbo, Claude 3 Opus, Gemini 1.5 Pro, Llama 3, Command R+, and more.


LMSYS Direct Chat provides access to many open and closed-source AI models. To use a selected model, go to the Direct Chat tab, click the model drop-down button, and choose the “” model. Please note that access to this model could also be limited, so it’s positioned within the fifth spot attributable to its unpredictable availability.

In Conclusion:

You can access GPT-4o free of charge on several platforms, corresponding to ChatGPT, Poe, Vercel AI Playground, You.com, and LMSYS. Each platform has unique features, and a few even have usage limitations, so it’s value trying out each option to seek out the one which most closely fits your needs for accessing this cutting-edge AI model. Keep in mind that access to certain models could also be limited, so it’s advisable to have alternative options in case of unpredictable availability.

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