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Did You Know Google Bard can Generate Captivating AI Images for Free?

Is Google Bard’s latest update a game over for ChatGPT? After the success of ChatGPT, Google launched its own Large Language Model (LLM) called Bard – most if not all people know that. Google Bard has change into an easy alternative and even substitute for ChatGPT for most individuals because of its real-time access to the web which ChatGPT doesn’t have. Do you understand what else ChatGPT doesn’t have? Integration with Google Workspace which is widely utilized by multiple teams internationally. The biggest downer of ChatGPT is that almost all of its most useful features are behind a $20 per thirty days subscription paywall, while Bard is totally from the get-go. 

On February 1st, 2024, Google Bard experienced a brand new update allowing its users to generate AI images using text prompts directly from Bard Chat. You can generate AI images for work or fun or for literally anything. How? Let’s get into it:

Step 1: Simplest step – visit Google Bard.

Step 2: Log in or enroll.

Step 3: Enter the text prompt within the chatbox.

Step 4: Click to show your words into fascinating AI images.

Google Bard is actually amazing and Google has done great things with Bard to date by providing premium features without cost while its competition charges a fee for it. Should you permit ChatGPT for Google Bard? Debatable. Both of those two Large Language Models (LLMs) have their pros and cons hence selecting one over the opposite depends solely on the user and is game over for nobody. You can use ChatGPT or you need to use Google Bard, or you need to use each ChatGPT and Google Bard concurrently as the last word Large Language Model (LLM) combo. 


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