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Elon Musk says all premium subscribers on X will get access to AI chatbot Grok this week

Following Elon Musk's xAI's move to open source its large language model Grok in early March, the X owner said on Tuesday that the corporate formerly generally known as Twitter would soon offer the Grok chatbot to more paying subscribers. In a post on XMusk announced that Grok shall be available to Premium subscribers this week, not only those in the upper price tier, Premium+, as before.

The move could signal a desire to compete more directly with other popular chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Anthropic's Claude. But it is also a sign that X is attempting to increase its subscriber numbers. The news comes at a time when data suggests fewer individuals are using the According to recent data from Sensor Tower, reported by NBC News, X usage within the US fell 18% year-over-year in February and 23% since Musk took over.

Musk's war on advertisers may additionally have hurt the corporate's revenue prospects, he said Sensor Tower figured this out 75 of the highest 100 US advertisers on X stopped spending promoting budget on the platform as of October 2022.

Offering access to an AI chatbot could potentially prevent X users from fleeing to other platforms – just like the decentralized platforms Mastodon and Bluesky or Instagram's Threads, which quickly rose to prominence due to Meta's resources and over from the fourth quarter of 2023 Reached 130 million monthly users.

Musk didn't say when Grok can be available to X users, only that it might be “activated” for all Premium subscribers sometime “later this week.”

X Premium is that Mid-range subscription from the corporate from $8 per 30 days (online) or $84 per 12 months. Previously, Grok was only available to Premium+ subscribers for $16 per 30 days or a hefty $168 per 12 months.

Grok's chatbot could appeal to Musk's followers and heavy It may also answer questions with “a rebellious streak,” as Musk described it. Most importantly, Grok has the flexibility to access X-data in real time – something the competition cannot offer.

Of course, the worth of this data could decline under Musk's rule if X loses users.


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