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Live-selling startup CommentSold uses AI to generate shoppable, social-ready clips

CommentSold, the e-commerce tech startup that gives web and video tools to online retailers, has launched a brand new enterprise generative AI-powered tool on Wednesday, who can review livestream footage and create short product explanation videos that sellers can post on their website, app and social media platforms.

The AI ​​ClipHero feature creates short clips from live stream sales events, often lasting hours. Instead of shops having to rewatch content and seek for relevant clips to edit and post, CommentSold's recent tool saves them time by routinely identifying probably the most interesting parts of the live stream so customers who missed the event can get a fast summary of the products receive. The tool also uses speech recognition to generate subtitles.

Shoppable “explainer videos” are currently probably the most powerful video commerce medium, with TikTok and Instagram becoming the first means by which Gen Z discovers, learns about, and purchases products. However, creating shoppable videos requires significant production time,” CommentSold CEO Gautam Goswami told TechCrunch.

Photo credit: CommentSold

AI-powered clipping software will not be recent, but not many firms have developed AI-powered tools specifically for live commerce. Various startups (powder, darknessand others), nonetheless, have introduced similar features for content creators to capture highlights from gaming streams.

“Companies like TikTok and Twitch have been attempting to develop AI that may create shoppable videos from livestream events… CommentSold is now the primary to bring a commercially available AI that may create shoppable videos from thousands and thousands of hours of livestreams within the library from CommentSold to discover and create product “explainer videos from livestream sales events,” said Goswami.

In addition to its AI ClipHero feature, CommentSold recently launched PopClips, which allows retailers to focus on products in a banner at the underside of every clip to direct customers to the product page and drive more sales. The company also offers tools for constructing custom web sites and mobile apps, in addition to systems for automating inventory, invoices, shipping and more.

Since launching in 2017, CommentSold now helps over 7,000 small and medium-sized businesses deliver live shopping and e-commerce experiences. According to the corporate, it has facilitated the sale of over 180 million items with a lifetime gross merchandise value (GMV) of greater than $4.4 billion, up from $3.8 billion in 2023.


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