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DAI#35 – Curious AI, robot soccer, and artificial musicians

Welcome to our weekly roundup of ethically sourced AI news.

This week AI taught robots how one can play soccer.

Udio turned everyone right into a “musician”.

And AI is advancing so fast that we’d like latest ways to measure it.

AI curious?

Curiosity could have killed the cat, but behind every scientific discovery was a curious mind that thought, “I’m wondering what would occur if…” What would occur if we managed to develop an AGI that was curious?

Could we try this? Should we?

Sam’s fascinating exploration of the paradox of curiosity within the age of AI will challenge your opinion either way.

Google scores!

I’m guessing most of Google’s data scientists didn’t attend college on a sports scholarship. The engineers at DeepMind are making up for that by training robot soccer players that may kick, tackle, and defend.

The video of the robots having a knock-around is impressive. The way Google used deep reinforcement learning with commercially available robots may very well be a game changer.

Look at what Google’s latest Aloha Unleashed robots are able to.

Finally got to share some videos after just a few months. Robots are fully autonomous filmed in a single continuous shot. Enjoy! pic.twitter.com/5cREmQ9hqL

How much are you able to bench?

Benchmarks are useful for comparing AI model performance and stroking the egos of the businesses that made them.

The annual AI Index report from Stanford University says that AI is advancing beyond humans so quickly that we’re having to provide you with latest benchmarks to make proper comparisons.

The days of “AI does that just about pretty much as good as a human does,” are fast disappearing.

As AI learns latest skills we’d like newer benchmarks to measure them. xAI gave us a preview of Grok-1.5 and the corporate’s latest benchmark called RealWorldQA.

Models with “vision” have been around for some time, but xAI says existing benchmarks can’t measure how good Grok 1.5 is at spatial understanding.

AI Pin a bust

I like the concept of an AI wearable so when Humane’s AI Pin got here out I used to be super envious of those who managed to get one. Sadly, it seems I could have dodged a $699 bullet.

The Humane AI Pin was absolutely blasted by reviewers. Apparently, it worked high-quality aside from the camera, slow performance, overheating, battery life,… Yeah, there’s more, unfortunately. And I still want one.

Now if only there was a way for corporations to see into the long run to anticipate issues like these.

Researchers found which you could get ChatGPT to predict the long run fairly accurately if you happen to ask it to let you know a story. They got it to predict Academy Award winners with 100% accuracy.

Imagine the impact this might have on stock trading or sports betting.

Size matters

In AI models, larger is commonly higher. But with an LLM’s context window, it won’t be the scale that counts, but how you employ it.

Google researchers developed Infini-attention, a method that would give LLMs “infinite” context even in the event that they currently have smaller context windows.

Not to be outdone, Meta researchers say they’ve developed a wise strategy to have extremely efficient training and inference with unlimited context. Except this time, without transformers.

Meta pronounces Megalodon

Efficient LLM Pretraining and Inference with Unlimited Context Length

The quadratic complexity and weak length extrapolation of Transformers limits their ability to scale to long sequences, and while sub-quadratic solutions like linear attention and pic.twitter.com/uTAbRnkVDD

Will AI silence musicians

Udio launched just a few days back and it could be the best AI music generator yet. In just a few seconds, Udio turns a text prompt into some catchy tunes with impressive vocals.

Whether it’s a great thing or not that AI makes music so easily is up for debate. Simon Cowell might be already imagining what Udio combined with an AI avatar could do for his bank balance.

One of Udio’s investors is will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas fame. It’s secure to assume that almost all SAG-AFTRA union members don’t share his endorsement of AI music.

SAG-AFTRA is negotiating a cope with record labels to guard vocalists and performers from being replaced by AI until 2026.

Even in the event that they signed the deal today, that will provide a grace period of lower than 2 years for musicians to reconsider their profession selections.

Apparently, anyone can call themselves a musician now.


Speak your mind

NYU researchers built a groundbreaking AI speech synthesis system that converts brain waves into audible speech.

When we expect of the word we wish to say our neural signals form unique patterns. Using AI to show these into speech could help those that have lost the flexibility to talk to regain their voice.

The examples of how they turned brain waves into audible words are amazing.

Reading medical imaging scans is an art. AI models have advanced in analyzing medical scans but often deal with a single anomaly, missing other potential diagnostic explanations.

MIT researchers built “Tyche”, a model that embraces the uncertainty in medical imaging to assist doctors discover multiple disease-indicating anomalies.

AI could enable the event of medicine to treat and cure diseases faster than we expect.

Scientists used AI to speed up the seek for Parkinson’s treatments. Their AI model is ten times faster and a thousand times cheaper than conventional drug discovery methods.

AI summits

A number of interesting AI conferences happened this week with some more exciting ones coming soon.

The Global AI Show and Global Blockchain Show each kicked off this week in Dubai.
The cutting-edge AI/ML summit AIAI brought the AI industry’s most influential leaders together at San Jose.
The AI for Marketers Summit opened its virtual doors on April 18.
The MarTech Summit Asia opens its doors on 23-24 April to showcase how AI is transforming marketing.

In other news…

Here are another clickworthy AI stories we enjoyed this week:

Marc Andreessen explains how AI will amplify productivity to such an extent that the fee of the whole lot from constructing a house to curing cancer will fall to a penny pic.twitter.com/R7s4TK3Yfp

And that’s a wrap.

The video of Google’s robots playing soccer is impressive. I’m pondering we could see something like no-rules robot death soccer pretty soon. I’d watch that. Musk and Zuckerberg would absolutely enter opposing teams.

What do you think that of Udio? It sounds pretty much as good to me as lots of the industrial stuff they play on the radio. And it should only get well.

Did you get your hands on one in every of Humane’s AI Pins? Is it as bad as they are saying? AI Pin 2.0 will probably sell out regardless.

Let us know if you happen to’re for or against AGI with curiosity inbuilt. And send us your links to interesting AI news we could have missed.


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