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SAS Unveils Viya Workbench: Empowering Developers to Accelerate AI Innovation

SAS, a worldwide leader in analytics and AI solutions, has announced the final availability of SAS Viya Workbench, a developer environment tailored for constructing AI models. Unveiled at SAS Innovate in Las Vegas, this revolutionary platform expands the capabilities of the SAS Viya flagship data and AI platform, aiming to satisfy the various needs of developers and modelers.

Designed as a self-service, on-demand computing environment, SAS Viya Workbench facilitates data preparation, exploratory data evaluation, and the event of analytical and machine learning models. It offers a light-weight developer canvas, enabling rapid coding in either SAS or Python inside a cloud-native, scalable environment.

According to Kathy Lange, Research Director for AI Software at IDC, SAS is strategically evolving its portfolio to boost productivity, performance, and trust amongst AI developers. The introduction of SAS Viya Workbench aligns with this vision, providing developers with the tools they should speed up model development and drive innovation.

Key features of SAS Viya Workbench include:

  • Language Flexibility: Developers can work of their language of alternative, initially supporting SAS and Python, with R support anticipated by the tip of 2024.
  • Development Environment Options: Viya Workbench offers two development environment options – Jupyter Notebook/JupyterLab and Visual Studio Code, providing an intuitive and versatile interface for experimentation and exploration.
  • Integration with Powerful SAS Analytical Procedures: Developers can leverage SAS analytical procedures (PROCs) and native Python APIs to expedite the event of high-performance AI models.
  • Custom Python Libraries: Viya Workbench offers state-of-the-art custom Python libraries designed to enhance speed and performance with minimal changes to existing Python programs.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: The platform is flexible, scalable, and efficient, featuring on-demand, self-provisioning, and self-terminating capabilities with minimal IT support required. Customizable CPU/GPU compute power ensures optimal performance for every project.

Initially available through the Amazon AWS Marketplace in Q2, SAS plans to expand support to additional cloud providers and offer a software-as-a-service deployment option in the longer term.

Jared Peterson, who’s the Senior Vice President of Engineering at SAS, emphasizes the importance of Viya Workbench in empowering developers to work faster, be more creative, and take risks. By providing maximum flexibility and efficiency, Viya Workbench enables developers to concentrate on innovation and drive AI advancements.

Key Takeaways:

  • SAS declares the final availability of SAS Viya Workbench, a developer environment for constructing AI models.
  • Viya Workbench offers language flexibility, development environment options, integration with powerful analytical procedures, and scalability.
  • The platform goals to extend developer productivity, speed up AI innovation, and streamline model development and deployment.



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