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Versus launches Vivi, an AI platform that transforms passive content into interactive experiences

Against, a number one AI-powered interactive content company, today announced the launch of Vivi, the following generation of its proprietary AI platform. Vivi uses deep learning to robotically transform passive content from multiple sources into engaging, interactive experiences in real-time, increasing engagement, retention and revenue for partners across industries.

“Vivi is content conscious. It detects content patterns at scale and quickly,” said John Vitti, founder and CEO of Versus, in an interview with VentureBeat. “Imagine being one of the best student/researcher on the earth, and due to this fact he knows the best way to create the precise content and probably the most relevant and exciting query at the precise time.”

The AI ​​platform is designed to know content from articles, web sites, social media and more after which generate interactive games, challenges and surveys on the subject. This gamification of content creates a more engaging and rewarding experience for users, while also providing precious insights and increased revenue for Versus' partners.

Versus' AI-powered platform transforms passive content into interactive experiences, enabling users to interact with diverse topics while increasing engagement, retention and sales for partners across industries. (Source: Versus)

Real-time content generation: A game changer

Vitti emphasized the importance of real-time content generation, explaining, “Everything happens in lower than a second. That's the metric we have now to stick to. Our partners appreciate this so there isn’t a latency in the buyer experience. It's in regards to the consumer experience. Relevant content just isn’t nearly what, but in addition when.”

Initial data from Versus partners demonstrates the effectiveness of the Vivi platform. “Some of our partners, like Disney, have a 94% engagement rate for a few of their content. Microsoft has a 65% engagement rate,” Vitti revealed to VentureBeat. “We typically add a mean of 11 minutes of recent session time.”

Partnerships with industry leaders

Versus has worked with notable brands similar to Microsoft, USA Today, the NFL, Billboard, Forbes, the Grammy Awards, UFC, iHeartRadio and Lionsgate. The company's advertising-based business model allows it to share revenue with partners on a CPM basis while maintaining user privacy by specializing in data trends fairly than individual identities.

As demand for interactive content continues to grow, Versus is well positioned to capitalize on this growing trend. With its advanced AI technology and impressive partner list, the corporate is poised for significant growth in the approaching years. The addition of high-profile advisors and executives, including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Hulu marketing executive Scott Donaton, further strengthens Versus' position out there.

Shaping the long run of content engagement

Looking to the long run, Vitti envisions a content landscape that’s more interactive and transformative. “It’s about content and conversation. It’s less about looking and more about doing,” he said. “The more content is created, the more people still can't interact with it (despite the fact that that's Rome's dream)… so the wedge gets larger. We’re literally bridging this.”

As Versus continues to develop and expand its offering, the corporate will play a crucial role in shaping the long run of content consumption and engagement. With Vivi, Versus not only transforms the way in which audiences interact with content, but in addition provides its partners with precious tools to drive growth and revenue in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.


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