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7 New ChatGPT Features You Shouldn’t Miss: Try Now

OpenAI’s major updates to ChatGPT not only make it more user-friendly but additionally prioritize your data security while making it 10x easier to make use of. You can reap the benefits of these 7 recent features that take ChatGPT to the subsequent level. With ChatGPT, you may do more with less while being protected online. It is a way more fun, convenient, and a more enjoyable experience. Let’s check them out and see how they’ll make your life easier and safer!

No Sign-up Needed:

One of OpenAI’s newer updates makes it easier for everybody to enjoy and freely access AI advantages with ChatGPT without signing up or creating an account.

Turn off Model Training:

Companies must train AI models on data to enhance their functionality, and OpenAI does that, too, to enhance your experience with ChatGPT. However, you may easily turn the setting off in the event you wish to not share your data for model training.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

OpenAI cares about your security as much as your data privacy, so it lets you secure your ChatGPT and API accounts with multi-factor authentication.

Sometimes, it could be difficult to locate the content shared with you by ChatGPT; hence, this recent feature solves that problem by providing you with more information for answers and helping you discover content from publishers and creators easily.

Read Aloud Feature:

With the Read Aloud feature, ChatGPT can read out AI-generated content. The feature is currently available on mobile apps with two taps.

Edit DALL-E Images:

When OpenAI announced that ChatGPT could create Dall-E-powered AI images, it was a special and iconic feature. But they took it to the subsequent level once they announced that users can now edit those DALL·E images inside ChatGPT.

Get Inspiration When Creating DALL-E Powered Image:

While using DALL·E GPT to generate AI images, users can even find different styles for inspiration to create something higher and more magical. Something true to their vision. 


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