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10 New Magical Canva Features You Must Try

Canva is a widely known graphic design tool that gives many features for creating professional-looking designs. Whether you might be a student, a business owner, or a marketing skilled, Canva can enable you create unique visuals that effectively communicate your message. One of its most impressive features is its ease of use. 

Canva’s user-friendly interface makes graphic design accessible to everyone, even beginners. You can create incredible designs with Canva’s massive templates, graphics, and fonts, no matter your expertise. It’s a platform that welcomes everyone to the world of design. 

Canva is a strong tool that’s valued at around $40 billion. However, some people will not be aware of all its awesome features. To enable you get essentially the most out of Canva, we present an inventory of 10 recent tricks that may work like magic to your next design projects on Canva.

Here are the ten recent tricks so that you can try:

Magic Switch:

Magic Switch is a strong tool that may enable you resize, transform, and translate your designs in seconds. It may also convert your design into any document, resembling a blog post, summary, email, or poem. With Magic Switch, you may speed up your workflow and be more efficient.

Magic Design:

Suppose you might be in search of inspiration to your next project. Canva supports prompts and multimedia uploads to enable you start. With its easy-to-use design tools, you may quickly generate custom designs and make adjustments until you might be satisfied with the result.

Magic Edit:

You can easily remove distractions or add recent things to your photos inside a number of clicks. You can magically transform your pictures on Canve by brushing over the areas you need to vary after which describing what you must add.

Magic Grab:

You can redraw and separate a picture’s subject from its background for straightforward repositioning, resizing, and editing in your designs while keeping the identical background of your photo.

Magic Animate:

Magic Animate uses AI to decide on an attention-grabbing animation that you may apply to your entire design. With one-click animations and transitions, you may bring your creations to life inside seconds.

Integration of Apps with AI:

You can use Google and OpenAI to enhance your design creations and add music, illustrations, and animated avatars.

Design Website:

With these professionally designed, free website templates, you may design a gorgeous website for any business, portfolio, event, organization, and more.

Magic Write:

Get inspired and write faster with Magic Write, an AI-powered text generator powered by OpenAl. Magic Write can create social media captions and profile bios, brainstorm ideas, seek inspiration, or write letters.

Magic Media:

Turn your creative ideas into images and videos. Powered by OpneAI, you may create compelling pictures and videos from easy prompts and even turn generated images into videos.

Text to Image:

AI image generators are very talked-about generative AI tools. Canva can now generate AI images from text inputs. Powered by DALL·E by OpenAI and Imagen by Google Cloud, you must imagine and prompt. 

In Conclusion:

Canva is an excellent graphic design tool with many features and functionalities. Its user-friendly interface and big collection of templates, graphics, and fonts make design accessible to everyone, regardless of experience. Using the 10 recent tricks we have mentioned, you may take your design projects on Canva to the subsequent level and achieve more in less time. Try them and see how they will work like magic for you!


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