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ChatGPT Desktop App for Mac is Here, is Microsoft unhappy?

Yesterday, OpenAI held a Spring update event, during which the corporate announced a couple of latest things and made several improvements to ChatGPT. The biggest announcement was their latest AI model called GPT-4o, where “o” means omnimodal capabilities, because the model can process and integrate text, vision, and audio. 

ChatGPT has over 100 million users, and the Spring update event was mainly focused on free users; even the brand new GPT-4o is free for all users. Surprisingly, considered one of the announcements that caught most off guard was the brand new ChatGPT desktop application, which is just for macOS users. The desktop application surprised many individuals because Microsoft invested over $13 billion into OpenAI in order that one would expect a desktop application for Windows before Apple.

However, the desktop app for Apple might be resulting from the OpenAI and Apple deal that is alleged to be near being done. The ChatGPT desktop application would require macOS 14.0 or later. 

The ChatGPT MacOS application does look great. It can stay in your taskbar for quick access. It works as an internet application and might immediately answer all of your queries. The desktop application may also talk back to you and communicate with you want an assistant. You can talk, interrupt, listen, and repeat fluently.

The ChatGPT app may also open on any web page to present you ChatGPT support throughout. Here, you’ll be able to share screenshots of the webpage, request a proof, or ask some other query.

One amazing feature is its ability to unravel any issue in your screen just by highlighting and clicking cmd + C. You can get coding assistance and solve complex mathematics problems.


OpenAI’s Spring update event has brought some exciting developments, particularly the introduction of the GPT-4o model. Additionally, the surprise release of the ChatGPT desktop application for macOS users has sparked some discussions. It can be interesting to see how these latest advancements impact the user experience and the potential OpenAI and Apple deals. Windows users should not be disheartened, because the ChatGPT desktop application for Windows can be coming soon later this yr.


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