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Google announced 3 latest generative AI tools: AI Image, music, and video generators

Generative AI (GenAI) is taking up the world, and rightly so. Generative AI is the simplest and best option to interact with AI to get things done quickly and receive optimal results. Generative AI is available in many forms; consider it or not, Google Gemini and ChatGPT are also Generative AI tools. You could also be using a generative AI tool without even realizing it. However, all generative AI tools don’t offer the identical quality output, and to get the perfect output, you could use the perfect.

Luckily, Google announced 3 latest generative AI tools, including images, music, and Video, during Google I/O ’24, which you should utilize today.

Imagen 3: AI Image Generator

AI image generators have develop into extremely popular over the previous couple of years and are usually not stopping, with more platforms integrating AI image generation. Google introduced Imagen 3 in the course of the Google I/O event, which, in Google’s own words, is essentially the most capable and highest-quality image generation model yet.

Imagen 3 may be very photorealistic and presents richer details and fewer distortion, which is common during image generation. Imagen 3 may be very detailed, with all of its output, and all you want to do is provide proper creative and detailed prompts. The better part is its ability to render text, which most AI image generation models have struggled with eternally. You can try it on ImageFX in Google Labs.

Music AI Sandbox: AI Music Generator

Another popular field in generative AI is AI music generation capabilities, which have recently develop into more popular with latest AI tools like Udio and Suno AI. AI music generators should all be considered more like companions than supervillains that can replace music artists.

Music AI Sandbox is only a companion every musician needs. Its skilled music AI tools suite can create latest instrumental sections from scratch, transfer styles between tracks, and more.

Veo: AI Video Generator

AI video generation is as popular as AI image generation, and lots of organizations have been attempting to make a video generator that may create outputs indistinguishable from reality. Sora by OpenAI is the perfect example of this. But similar to within the LLM field, where to tackle ChatGPT, Google got here up with Gemini (then often called Bard); within the video generation field, Google has give you Veo, a very latest AI video generator.

Veo is Google’s newest and most capable AI video generator. It can create 1080p videos from text, images, and video prompts. Veo can capture all the main points in numerous styles as you ask, and you’ll be able to edit the videos with additional prompts. Veo is on the market to make use of on VideoFX in GoogleLabs. 

In Conclusion:

The advancements in generative AI tools similar to Imagen 3, Music AI Sandbox, and Veo offer exciting possibilities for creative professionals and AI enthusiasts alike. With these cutting-edge tools, users can expect photorealistic image generation, skilled music composition assistance, and high-quality video creation. As these AI tools proceed to grow and improve, they are going to undoubtedly revolutionize how we interact with AI and create various types of media. It’s an exciting time to be on the forefront of AI-powered creativity, and the long run looks incredibly promising.


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