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Adobe rolls out latest PDF AI chatbot for Reader and Acrobat

Adobe announced that it’s rolling out a beta release of a generative AI chatbot that can be integrated into its Reader and Acrobat products.

The conversational AI is known as AI Assistant and can save users from counting on tools like ChatPDF or having to upload a PDF to ChatGPT. With AI Assistant natively integrated into your PDF reader, you’ll have the option to interrogate the document without additional tools.

AI Assistant can generate summaries and insights from long documents. It also answers questions on the content within the document and may format these outputs in order that they’re easy to share in emails, reports, and presentations.

If you’re not quite sure what inquiries to ask, AI Assistant recommends questions based on a PDF’s content. When it answers a matter, the custom attribution engine points you to the precise spot within the document so you possibly can confirm the source of AI Assistant’s answer.

While PDF has turn into essentially the most common document format, Adobe says that AI Assistant will work with other formats including Word, PowerPoint, and meeting transcripts.

If you’ve ever needed to wade through an extended PDF document for research or work, you then begin to grasp the massive productivity boost a tool like this offers. Here’s an example of what AI Assistant might be used for.

What’s next?

Adobe says that this primary iteration of AI Assistant is just the start of its plan to make use of generative AI to deliver intelligent document experiences. Its roadmap for AI Assistant includes:

  • AI Assistant currently works with one document at a time but in the longer term, it should have the option to work across multiple documents, sources, and document types without delay. A user will have the option to ask a matter and AI Assistant will draw insights from multiple sources.
  • Acrobat users will have the option to make use of AI Assistant to generate first drafts, edit text, shorten copy, and get suggestions for content design and layout.
  • Adobe’s generative Firefly models will turn into more integrated with Adobe Express so as to add more creativity to your document creation.
  • AI-powered collaboration tools will make it easier to collate, analyze, and implement feedback and comments from team members.

While AI Assistant is in beta, it’s available totally free if you might have an Acrobat Standard or Pro Individual and Teams subscription plan. If you’re a Reader user you then’ll get access in the subsequent few weeks.

Once the complete suite of functionality is offered you’ll have to pay for an add-on subscription plan but there’s no word on what that may cost.

Adobe is using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services to power AI Assistant but hasn’t mentioned the context window or a personality limit that the chatbot can handle though.

Adobe says that there are greater than 3 trillion PDFs in existence and most of those haven’t been indexed to turn into a part of searchable data on the web. Abhigyan Modi, Adobe SVP of Document Cloud, said, “Generative AI offers the promise of more intelligent document experiences to remodel information overload into actionable knowledge and professional-looking content.”

If tools like Adobe’s AI Assistant could effectively process document resources like research papers on arXiv, it could immediately unlock previously hard-to-access knowledge.


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