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What is Caktus AI Writer (Tutorial + Review)

Looking to know what Caktus AI Writer is?

Caktus AI has quickly turn into popular amongst students, professionals, and anyone using a digital writing assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to create content, help with academic tasks, and improve writing with insights from academic sources.

Are you a student aiming for educational success? Or a content creator searching for efficiency?

Caktus AI Writer is designed for various writing needs.

Let’s dive into the features and functionalities of this platform to make it easier to determine if Caktus AI is correct for you.

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an AI tool designed to help students with writing, math, and coding tasks. Launched in 2022 by co-founders Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, it offers free trials and premium subscription options.

Besides student support, Caktus AI includes features for educators like automatic grading and personalized teaching tools.

caktus ai for educators

The platform uses artificial intelligence to assist with writing. It can create essays and reports with accuracy and creativity.

Since its launch, Caktus has turn into popular. It now has over 2 million users. Caktus AI is a game-changer for college students and educators. Not only does it support writing tasks, however it also improves learning methods.

The AI’s adaptability makes it an awesome educational companion. It’s not only for writing. It’s an all-in-one suite that enhances your writing and learning journey.

What Can Caktus Do?

Caktus AI Writer isn’t only a one-trick pony; it’s a tool designed to tackle various academic tasks. This tool’s versatility is obvious in its features, each tailored to fulfill the unique demands of its users.


caktus ai interface

In writing, Caktus AI offers:

  • An essay author to generate high-quality, lengthy pieces,
  • A paragraph generator for those moments of author’s block and;
  • A content improver to assist refine your writing.

It can humanize text, summarize complex discussions, expand sentences, and craft skilled emails.

The tool also can generate thoughtful responses to discussion questions, making email writing effortless.


Caktus AI has tools like a Java writer

Caktus AI has tools like a Java author, a TypeScript author, and AI coding assistants for coders.

It can convert JavaScript to Python and create Python docstrings efficiently for college students.


Caktus AI's study tools

Students can use Caktus AI’s study tools to make learning simpler. Features like Article Note Taker and Video Analyzer enhance information retention.

The platform also supports math and science and offers Text to Notes functionality.


language translation in caktus ai

Language learners can profit from Caktus AI’s natural language processing capabilities. It offers Spanish, French, Arabic, English, Japanese, and Italian tutors.

This AI-driven tutor is there to reply your queries, assist with pronunciation, and be certain that the language barrier isn’t just crossed but demolished.

Job Application

Job seekers can use Caktus AI

Job seekers can use Caktus AI to enhance their resumes and canopy letters, helping their applications stand out.

The platform offers tools to perfect your resume bullet points and write impressive cover letters.


art caktus ai tools

Caktus AI can analyze movie scenes for art enthusiasts, providing insights into dialogue, cinematography, and narrative structure.


caktus ai tools for fun

Our time with Caktus AI wasn’t all about homework and studying. We found loads of opportunities to have a good time with it.

Caktus AI has tools like a Songwriter, a Question Solver, a Love Letter tool, and a Caption Writer. It may even generate humorous excuses for sophistication absences.

Caktus AI Pricing Plans

The Caktus experience begins with selecting a pricing plan.

While a free plan is unavailable, you’ll be able to explore the platform’s offerings with a three-day trial period to make sure the tool’s services can provide what you wish.

For continued access, you’ve got to make a choice from two plans:

Caktus AI Pricing

Base Plan

The Base Plan is for many who want writing and learning tools with out a hefty price tag.

It costs $14.99 per thirty days or $79.99 per yr.

This plan features a class helper, writing tools, math & science tools, coding tools, citation tools, a conversational tutor, and unlimited AI outputs.

It also provides academic sources, learning tools, and step-by-step solutions. 

It’s an awesome start line for anyone who recurrently needs help with easy writing and academic tasks.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan offers advanced writing and learning tools.

It costs $19.99 per thirty days or $99.99 per yr and includes all Base Plan features, an AI detection tool, priority support, and a special Discord Community Role.

Pro subscribers also get early access to beta tools and updates through the Pro Newsletter. This plan is good for those wanting more tools and personalized support.

The Pro Plan unlocks higher service and community engagement by investing just a few more dollars every month. You’re not only using a tool but becoming a part of a community of like-minded individuals who also want excellence of their writing and learning journeys.

Pros and Cons of Caktus AI


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • A various range of tools for various needs
  • High-quality outputs with minimal editing
  • Advanced AI simplifies complex tasks
  • Customizable settings for a tailored experience
  • Features like step-by-step solutions and academic sources
  • Supportive learning environment with unlimited AI outputs


  • There isn’t any free plan, only a three-day trial
  • Sometimes, it lacks human writing nuances
  • May need guidance for creative writing tasks
  • It will be overwhelming, with many features
  • Depends on user input for best results

How to Use Caktus AI (Tutorial)

Now, let’s take a look at how you’ll be able to start with Caktus AI with this short step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Creating an Account

Visit the official Caktus AI Writer website and click on the Join Caktus button.

join caktus

Enter your name, email address, and a secure password.

Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy

Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy and click on the Continue button to proceed.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Profile

After creating your account, click the profile icon on the upper right side of your screen.

Caktus ai profile icon

Customize your preferences, select your chosen tools (writing, coding, or misc), and add details like your writing interests, level of assistance needed, and preferred language.

Caktus ai settings

Caktus AI is currently available in English and Japanese. Following the above steps, you’ll be able to quickly start using Caktus AI in your academic tasks.

But to get a paid plan, proceed with the steps below.

Step 3: Payment Details

Click on the Subscribe Today: Get a 3-Day Trial button at the highest of your screen.

You’ll be directed to Caktus’ plans.

caktus ai subscription

Input your payment details using Stripe, GPay, or Pay with Link.

Input your payment details

Click Start Trial to start your three-day trial period.

Click Start Trial

Once you’ve accomplished these steps, you’ll be able to explore Caktus AI Writer and enhance your writing journey.

Step 4: Creating Your First Document

Click All Files, then New Document, to start out a brand new project.

Choose from various writing templates like blog posts or technical reports.

Name your file and begin writing.

Name your file and start writing

You’ll see a clean dashboard if you log into Caktus AI Writer. The primary toolbar at the highest has shortcuts to the document editor and template gallery.

Hover over any icon for a tooltip that explains its function.

ai writer document in caktus ai

You’ll find all of the tools you wish on the proper sidebar:

  • The cactus icon (red arrow) is your AI assistant.
  • The quill tip (blue arrow) hosts writing tools.
  • The upload symbol (green arrow) allows you to export your work offline.
caktus ai assistant tools

Return to the dashboard and click on All Tools on the lower left for more tools. You can search amongst 65 tools and filter them by category, like Writing.

Return to the dashboard and click All Tools

Getting conversant in these features will make it easier to benefit from Caktus AI in your writing projects.

Step 5: Customize Your Settings

Go to the settings menu to tailor Caktus AI Writer to your preferences.

Set your language preference to adapt the AI’s output to your chosen dialect.

Adjust the Writing Style to set the tone and ritual of the AI’s suggestions from casual to skilled.

Adjust the Writing Style

Toggle notifications to remain informed about updates or latest features.

Integrate Caktus AI with other productivity apps to streamline your workflow.

Customizing these settings ensures that Caktus AI Writer works best in your writing style and wishes.

Our Experience with Caktus

Testing out Caktus AI’s essay author and academic tools was quite a revelation.

We began skeptical but were soon impressed by how well the essay author organized and fleshed out our ideas.

The academic tools didn’t disappoint either, easily handling complex equations and science questions.

Sure, it’s what you’d expect from an AI, however it was still impressive.

However, the AI did show some limitations, especially when coping with the subtleties of human writing. But these moments were rare.

After an in depth test run, we found that Caktus AI excelled in grammar correction and data evaluation. It struggled with capturing the nuances of creative writing, though.

The coding tools provided helpful suggestions but couldn’t replace an experienced developer’s expertise. Caktus AI is best used as a support tool, providing a solid foundation moderately than an entire solution.

Despite these drawbacks, the positives outweigh the negatives. The tool consistently delivered high-quality results with minimal editing needed.

The user interface was straightforward, and the wide selection of tools met our needs.

In conclusion, our experience with Caktus AI was primarily positive. The advanced AI capabilities made difficult tasks manageable, and the training curve was almost nonexistent.

Any initial doubts were quickly resolved, and we found Caktus AI to be a worthwhile resource for improving productivity and learning.

Getting Customized Assistance

With the Pro plan by Caktus AI, you get personalized assistance to make it easier to benefit from the tool.

Here’s how you’ll be able to access it:

Click your profile on the upper right of your screen.

caktus ai customized assistance

Select Support from the dropdown menu to open a chat box.

Describe your issue, and the AI will provide customized solutions or suggestions.

Caktus ai support

The Feedback feature throughout the platform means that you can report issues or suggest improvements on to the event team.

This two-way communication ensures that Caktus AI constantly evolves to fulfill user needs and preferences.

Our Final Verdict: Is Caktus AI Worth It?

After diving into Caktus AI, we’ve reached our verdict. It’s a worthwhile investment considering its user-friendly interface and powerful suite of AI writing tools.

The AI assistant goes beyond writing help, offering study aids for college students and language tutoring for learners. It’s a game-changer for writers, students, and programmers, with tools like Python author and Java aids.

In short, Caktus AI is a powerhouse of innovation, making it a solid selection for anyone seeking to boost their writing or learning journey.


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