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Amazon Music follows Spotify with its own AI playlist generator, Maestro

Spotify isn't the one company looking into using AI to generate playlists – on Tuesday, Amazon announced it could do the identical. Amazon Music is now testing Maestro, an AI playlist generator that enables US customers on each iOS and Android to create playlists with spoken or written prompts – which may even include emojis.

Amazon suggests that along with emojis, users can write prompts that include activities, sounds or emotions. If they don't know what to jot down, they may select from the prompts at the underside of the screen. Seconds later, an AI-generated playlist appears with songs that – theoretically – correspond to your input.

The product is starting in beta, so Amazon warns that the technology behind Maestro “doesn’t all the time get all the things right the primary time.” Like Spotify, Amazon has added some protections to the experience to proactively block offensive language and other inappropriate requests, it says. (We suspect people will try to interrupt through these barriers in time!)

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Maestro just isn’t yet generally available. While Spotify's AI generator begins testing within the UK and Australia, Amazon's product is initially rolling out to a “subset” of free Amazon Music users, in addition to Prime customers and Unlimited Amazon Music subscribers on iOS and Android within the US Be.

However, subscribers get access to more features. For example, they’ll hearken to playlists immediately and save them for later, while Prime members and ad-supported users can only hearken to a 30-second preview of songs before saving them. This could potentially encourage more users to modify to the paid subscription in the event that they just like the AI ​​functionality. The move also follows the final trend of constructing bonus AI experiences a paid offer.

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To access Maestro, users need the most recent version of the Amazon Music mobile app. They must tap on the choice for Maestro on their home screen. They may see the choice to make use of Maestro once they tap the plus sign to create a brand new playlist. From there, users can either speak or write down their playlist prompt idea after which tap “Get Started!” to start out streaming. The playlist can be saved and shared with friends.

Amazon suggests prompts like “😭 and food 🍝”; “Make my 👶 a genius”; “Myspace-era hip-hop”; “🏜️🌵🤠;” “Music My Grandparents Made”; “🎤🚿🧼”; and “I've been stalking my friends they usually're all hanging out without me” to provide you an idea of ​​how silly the prompts for this latest experience may be.

The company didn't announce when the beta could be rolled out more broadly, only that it could be expanded to more customers over time.


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