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Meet the New Microsoft Copilot Web App Powered by the Cutting-Edge GPT-4o

During the recent Microsoft Copilot+ PCs event, the corporate introduced us to the brand new era of artificial intelligence (AI), with many recent and interesting AI updates and features. You can click here to learn more. Microsoft has a history with OpenAI, and even the Microsoft AI assistant, Microsoft Copilot, is powered by the newest AI models offered by OpneAI.

Now, every Micorosft Copilot+ PC comes with a robust personal AI agent that’s only a single click away on keyboards with the brand new Copilot key. In easy terms, Microsoft Copilot will offer you a full-on desktop application experience just like the recent ChatGPT desktop application on macOS. The Windows consumers have been asking for that, and now Cpoilot can further provide help to streamline your workflow while being an easy yet powerful design.

An much more advanced AI model will now power Microsoft Copilot, as people will have the option to access and experience the newest GPT-4o model in Microsoft Copilot, which has been possible through the partnership between OpenAI.

Now, you possibly can share a screen with Copilot, and the AI can see and understand what’s in your computer and answer your questions immediately through voice conversations which will feel more natural. The recent Microsoft Copilot desktop application is the brand new ChatGPT Mac desktop app but for Windows.

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